Day 4: Illini State Park, Illinois


Our first experience at a Dump Station was at Sandusky KOA as we were heading out.  The skies opened up just at that moment, and I was told to stay dry in the truck. Poor Scott got soaking wet so I missed my first lesson.  (Maybe it will rain every time we need to dump!). We said goodbye to Ohio, got back on the road, and headed to our next stop, Marseilles Illinois.  We had to pass through Indiana via route 80, but quickly found ourselves in Illinois.  It was so quick, that I missed the “Welcome to Illinois” sign.  So, I had to settle for a “Chicago” sign instead. We didn’t have a reservation anywhere, but our handy APP “Allstays” is a convenient tool.   What we did learn, however, is that some campsites require you to book online three days in advance.  So, then just pick up the phone and call, right?  Sure except what do you do if they don’t answer the phone?  You drive there of course and discover the sign that says “Both campgrounds full.”  But that sign didn’t make us turn away since we actually saw a number of sites that were empty and not marked on hold.  So long story short, we got a spot with no water hookup and a broken electric hook up.  We have our own battery and propane tank, so we had lights and was able to cook our frozen pizza in our miniature oven.  And, now we know that our smoke alarm works!

If you zoom into photo 4, bottom left, you can see our truck and trailer.  This campground was a little bigger than a football field.   It was pretty and quiet but certainty not filled.  This morning we took a walk to the other campground on the river.  Looked like a nice place to camp and fish, but it was completely booked.  Bring on Minnesota!


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  • So fun to share your adventure. If you go thru southern Minnesota you might pass Austen, Albert Lea. This is where my dad & his family lived. My grandfather owned the hardware store in Hayward, with his family of 9 living upstairs from the store. Must have been pretty crowded. Scott, do you remember going to my aunt’s farm outside Albert Lea? You were pretty young. Love your stories. Love you guys. Mom & Lar

  • You seem to be learning much about camping!! So happy you are happy, Sue!! Enjoy every moment!!

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