Day 5: Autumn Woods RV Park Rochester, Minnesota


After leaving Illinois, we drove over 100 miles through the southern part of Wisconsin, and we made it to the border of Minnesota by early afternoon.  Just as you cross over the border, there is a beautiful Visitor Center with a number of different plaques containing historical information.   A short walk leads you to the Mississippi River, the second longest river in North America, flowing 2,350 miles from its source at Lake Itasca in Northern Minnesota through the center of the continental United States to the Gulf of Mexico.   If you zoom in to the picture on the far right, you can see the distance in feet from the top of water to the bottom of the bridge.  This lets ships crossing underneath know if they can clear it.   Scott has only seen these markers by tidal waters, so we are guessing that maybe this area has a tendency to flood.

We got back in our car and headed to our next destination, Rochester. Minnesota.  There was another “Welcome to to Minnesota” sign (I am trying to capture one in each state). We arrived at Autumn Woods RV Park at about 4:30 in the afternoon.  The campground was clean and meticulously manicured, but the sites were right on top of each other. It wasn’t full, yet they seem to put everybody together. After we set up camp, we drove a short distance to Game Haven Reservoir, a hiking, biking, dog-walking area.  Scott needed to put air in his tires, and then we were off into the woods. Upon entering the trail, a sign read “Two-Way” traffic.  No big deal until the trails went from being three-feet wide to less than one-foot wide.   I don’t get how it could be a two-way trail, but we never passed another biker so it truly didn’t matter. As the saying goes, “No use worrying about something that may never happen.” It was a nice beginner trail, and we were enjoying ourselves until I had trouble breathing. Great time for my asthma to kick it, and I didn’t realize at that time that I actually HAD my inhaler inside my backpack.  So, we turned around since I needed to get to the truck for my inhaler.  We headed back to camp and I cooked for the first time on our three-burner stove.   Just enough room to steam broccoli, boil pasta water, and sauté garlic and tomatoes.  Aglio e Olio…Yum!


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