Day 6: Myre-Big Island State Park Albert Lea, MN


Our initial plan to drive 5-6 hours to Sioux Falls, ID was thwarted by high winds.   After an hour of what felt like another roller coaster ride, we chose to get off the road and not test the limits today. We made our way to Myre-Big Island State Park, our favorite place to camp so far.  The weather was gorgeous!   It felt like a perfect East Coast sunny fall day…temperature high 60’s/low 70’s with the wind blowing off the lake.   A perfect day to watch football OR hike around the island. Upon check-in, we were told by the RANGER that they were fortunate to have a nesting pair of 🦅‘s with two eaglets.  We set off on foot with our binoculars in search of the giant nest. We were able to find it, and could see the white head and yellow beak of one of them.  So cool.  Took a few pictures, but you really can’t see what we could see with the binoculars. I guess you just have to come and look for yourself.  You can zoom in and see the map of Big and Little Islands.  I shared two pictures near the water’s edge.

Once settled, I learned about Hotspot so that your laptop can run off the cellular connection since the Park didn’t have WiFi.  I played with our blog a little, and then I made a salad for dinner while Scott cooked the salmon that we purchased in the Walmart Superstore.  Don’t eat salmon in Minnesota.  Not so good.

I forgot to mention the surprise we got when we entered the trailer after traveling for hours.   Lesson learned:  Items shift in transit and can even pull screws out of a door.


Scott stealing a sneak picture of me this morning.


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