Day 7: Lake Vermillion, Montrose, SD

We got an early start Monday morning.  The winds had died down to about 15 mph, which was certainly much better than the day before. We took it slow and made it to our next state, South Dakota.

We stopped in Sioux Falls to pick up a few things at Camping World (The new shower door will have to wait until Colorado).  We drove to Lake Vermillion outside of Canistota and set up camp at their State Recreation Area.  It was quiet and mostly empty.  We took a walk to the water and got our feet wet.  We should have gone for a swim but we were starving.


There weren’t too many options for eating out (two), so we picked CJ’s since we had a coupon for the first drink.   There was nobody in place except for the bartender (owner) and we think he was also the cook!  We were skeptical but the food was actually quite good   Loved the fried onion and pepper rings appetizer!

We got back on the road Tuesday morning and headed toward Mitchell, SD.  We decided to be tourists and found our way to The Corn Palace.  Isn’t that what one does when in South Dakota?   It was completely Scott’s idea. I really didn’t want any part of it.  He even let me take pictures of him being goofy.

Honestly, I have to admit that I actually enjoyed it. I was looking to purchase a postcard and discovered that every year they change the theme.  Artists actually spend a lot of time creating new artwork.  The theme for 2017 was weather.  There are several depictions of various weather conditions on the front and side walls of the building and they are completely made of corn!



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  • The corn art is great. Such a nice way to share your trip with you. It would be so hard to share all this with a phone call or chats when see you. This way we really are “seeing” you.

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