Day 13: Cheyenne, Wyoming

After the cave tour, we chatted with our new Californian friends, Sue and Dan.  We got in their truck and headed to Hot Springs for a late lunch.  The section of town that we drove through was practically empty with most store fronts closed down, so they took us back to our car and agreed that we would meet again at a future date.  Then, we drove about a quarter of a mile and found the hopping section of Hot Springs and found a place to eat.   After lunch, we decided to drive as far as we could towards Colorado before stopping for the evening.  Dan had told us that The Sierra Trading Post in Cheyenne, WY, allowed free parking overnight.  This was an option if Wal-Mart was too crowded.  Turns out that The Trading Post parking lot was just fine.  We were ready for some zzzz’s.


It looks like it’s daytime, but it was almost 9:00 p.m.

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