Day 16: Estes Park, CO, Kruger Rock

Hermit Park Campground is filled with hiking and biking paths so we could just stay here for entertainment.  On the Fourth of July, hordes of hikers climb to the top of the rock to watch the fireworks over Estes Lake below.  Not sure if we will be back here in time for that celebration, but it sure sounds like fun!

The view from the top is quite spectacular, but I couldn’t stay there for very long because there were hundreds of bugs swarming around and really making me jumpy.  Not smart to be jumpy at the top.

Scott wouldn’t let me go back down until we took a selfie.

Kruger Rock S&S

Aside from the insects, there are so many beautiful flowers that grow in mountain soil.  I love that they are so small and delicate, and I have become obsessed with taking pictures of them.  Sometimes I have to look back at my photos before I photograph the same flower.  I think that the whites are in the lead, followed by yellow, and then the others (blue, red, and purple).  Can you pick out the Indian Paintbrush?  They seem to grow in solitude.

One thought on “Day 16: Estes Park, CO, Kruger Rock

  • Just lovin’ those beautiful Colorado wildflowers! Thanks for the memories. So sorry the bugs are feasting on you. Great photos on the mountain. Thanks. Continue having fun. Love you guys. Mom & Larry

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