Breckenridge, CO – June 22-24, 2018

Our plan is to take a week to drive from Estes Park to Durango.  Breckenridge seemed like a great place to stop along the way.  Since we plan on skiing there next winter, we checked out Tiger Run, a full hook up RV Campground, for winter rental.  While the rates are high, it is less expensive to rent long term (at least one month) than for just a few weeks.  So, we put in an application for one month from mid-Jan to mid-Feb, but we have to wait to see if we are approved.

We opted to boon dock for the first time tonight (not counting Sierra Trading Post overnight parking).  We took Boreas Pass Road, a long and winding road that gains elevation and offers a spectacular view of the Breckenridge Peaks. We found a place on the side of the road and set up camp.  Then we set out on our bikes and found a trail in the woods. I began coughing up a lung and was finding it hard to catch my breath.  As a result, we retreated back to camp where we relaxed on our veranda until the sun went down.


We awoke the next morning to FREEZING temperatures.  The truck had frost on it!! I had a hard time getting warm.  We wore a hat AND a jacket while eating breakfast.  Eventually, the golden sun once again did its’ magnificent job of warming us up.  We set off with just the Tacoma with the intent of doing our first 4-wheeling with the truck.  We traveled across Boreas Pass Road until we reached the top of the pass.


We stopped to check out the small cabins that I believe are still rented out during the winter months.  They are lifeless during the summer.



We took a short hike before getting back on the road towards Georgia Pass.   At the top of Georgia’s pass, we stopped to take a photo of the sign that indicates that we were on the Continental Divide.


The passes are ranked for difficulty and scenery.  Boreas Pass is a “1” for difficulty and an “8” for scenery.  Georgia Pass is a “4” for difficulty and a “7” for scenery.  We continued down the Level 1 dirt road until we made it to the end of Boreas Pass, traveled a few miles on Highway 285, and reached the beginning of Georgia Pass.  It wasn’t long before we felt the difference in ranking from a Level “1” to a “4”.  Scott handled the truck well and his smile indicated that he was having fun.

30051579-DED8-4498-8B25-BB39D3A501D9D8A4A36F-AB0B-4B15-93D3-F997714384B5 At one point, Scott got out of the truck to take care of business, and I jumped into the driver’s seat.  I was not nervous since there were no steep cliffs on either side of us…just the woods.  He took a video of me, but I have not been successful with uploaded videos yet.  Hopefully, coming soon!

On our way out of Georgia Pass, we passed GOOD TIMES, a winter dog-sledding facility that was closed for the summer.  I immediately had a winter flashback and had Scott back up so that I could visualize what this placed looks like when it is surrounded by lots of snow.  It brought back good memories from when Dani was young and we went mushing with our ski buddies.


The end of Georgia Pass led to Tiger Road.  Before heading back to camp, we decided to take a short bike ride on a trail just off of Tiger Road.  It began to get boring,  so we headed to the base of Peak 9 at Breckenridge Ski Mountain.   We left our bikes, and I convinced Scott to take a hike up Peak 9.


It looks so entirely different without snow on trails we have previously skied down.  We headed about half way up Peak 9 and then over to Peak 8.





That’s me, pretending to ski. We came down to the base of Peak 8 under the Colorado and Rocky Mountain chairlifts and had a beer in the sun before our long walk back to Beaver Run parking lot.


Instead of going back to the trailer and cooking dinner, we decided to dine at the Brewery.  [We also were told that we could take our bikes up the Colorado Chair for free since we are Epic Pass holders.  Sounds like a plan for tomorrow.]

The next day, we eagerly headed back to Breck with our mountain bikes this time.


For our first run we took Pioneer Trail from top to bottom.  Once again, Scott was in his glory and I did my best to keep up.  At one point, a squirrel scurried in front of me.  I was startled and turned to watch it run into the woods.  As I turned my head back, I hit two rocks and my bike hit the ground on my right side.  Uggggghhhhh.  It was a foolish fall that quickly brought back memories of foolish skiing falls.  I brushed off the dirt and continued down the path.  My confidence was a bit shattered at this point.  When we reached the bottom, I didn’t want to go back up.  Sooooooo….the second run was on Swinger Trail.  It was actually more fun than the first.  Swinger went in and out of the trees and was a bit more exciting.  We both quit after two runs since there were very dark clouds hovering above by now and neither one of us wanted to be up top on our bikes when the rain started.  We are off to Pancha Springs, CO, in the morning.

Video Scott took of me on the first run.

3 thoughts on “Breckenridge, CO – June 22-24, 2018

  • WOW!! I’m exhausted just reading about your adventures and somewhat jealous, too!! Sounds like you are both having the trip of a lifetime!!! Keep the journal coming … I love to see your smiling faces!!!

  • Enjoying sharing your journey. If you need students we can FaceTime and do yoga together. Lol
    Miss you much. Keep smiling and may you always be safe.
    Omg you may be hiking until Scott turns 104 like his grandmother.

  • Even when the days get a little hard…you will look at all this the way we are! Enjoying very minute of it. LU

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