Telluride, Co – June 26-27, 2018

We were back on the road again driving through Uncompahgre National Forest.  We noticed that there were campers and RV’s parked on a road parallel to the main road.  There was also a beautiful stream.  We agreed that we would  boon dock overnight again and maybe for two nights if we loved the spot.

We exited the highway and got on the dirt road.  When we came to a fork, we veered left.  That was the wrong choice which we would soon discover.  It went for a ways and there were signs posted all over stating that it was Private Property – Stay Out.  So, we were just trying to find a place to “turn around”, and unfortunately, there weren’t any places to do that.  At the end of the road, there was a closed gate that would have been our chance to turn around had it been open.  Long story short…I walked down the dirt road with the walkie-talkie while Scott BACKED UP the RV/Truck.  We were doing relatively okay until the last leg at the fork where we took the wrong turn.  Only problem was that our poor Tacoma couldn’t handle the slight incline in reverse.  Scott had the petal to the ground and it just wouldn’t budge.  The truck began to overheat, so he pulled it forward under the limited shade and turned it off.

253A05F6-4B16-448D-A66A-436D97980102To say the least, Scott was pretty frustrated at this point.  We weren’t sure what to do next, but we knew that the truck needed to rest and cool down.  For some strange reason, there was a cellular signal so I called my sister to chat.   Scott took off walking back down the road and before long he was out of site.  When he returned, he believed that there was a possible section that he could get the vehicles turned around.  Back to walkie-talkies, walking through tall, itchy grass while directing Scott through about an eight point turn.  It wasn’t very much fun.  My job was to make sure that nothing underneath the trailer scraped the ground.   Not an easy task.  We were both burnt out after this escapade that taxed our nerves.

We drove past Telluride and found Matterhorn Campground.  They were fully booked, but when we told the camp host that we only wanted one night, he said we could have just that as someone had just cancelled for the one night.   Since Scott has become so good at maneuvering the trailer, he had no problem backing into our next campsite.



After setting up camp (I say that a lot, don’t I??), we got in the Tacoma and took a ride into the town of Telluride.  They have these large planter boxes filled with gorgeous wildflowers in the middle of the street at every intersection.


Off to the right of this picture are a few skiing trails.  I didn’t take a picture because it wouldn’t provide the imagery of how steep they actually are.  Scott said that these trails that lead to the bottom must be double black diamond.  I happen to agree with him.

We picked up some Tito’s and headed back to camp for a much-needed nightcap.   We both slept like puppies.  The next day we awoke refreshed and ready for the next adventure.  There is a lot of discussion going on concerning our options moving forward.  Should we downsize the trailer or get a bigger truck?  For right now, we will simply ponder our options.  After all, we are so close to Durango now and will be staying there for a few weeks.  Yay!!!

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  • I can see how tired Scott looks pointing to your campsite. What a day! Uncle Tito is a fine friend of mine, too.
    You have a wonderful reflection off the hood of the truck in town. I say go for the bigger truck!! LU

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