San Juan National Forest – June 27, 2018

Rested and feeling energized after our little truck mishap, we packed up camp and drove a short distance so that we could get some exercise before driving a few hours to Durango.  It wasn’t long before we arrived at Lizard Head Wilderness Cross Mountain Trailhead.



It was a six-mile out and back hike with an elevation gain of about 2,000 feet.  You can see Lizard Head peak in the center of the picture below.


The first two-thirds of the hike were in treeline, and the shade kept us quite cool.



The last one-third was above tree line as we inched our way closer to the peak.


At this point in our hike, I found a rock with my name on it.  You can see how much closer I appear to be to Lizard Head, but actually that peak was still hours away.  Scott had continued on while I had a snack and snapped some more pictures of wildflowers.  They seem to get prettier as you climb higher in altitude.


Alone in my thoughts, I realized that I could not longer see Scott.  Somehow that thought, and the little snack I had just eaten, provided me with the motivation to head upwards in his direction.  It wasn’t too long before our paths thankfully crossed.



I turned him right around and we continued the journey up.  Below is the view looking opposite of Lizard Head peak.


This is as close as we got to Lizard Head today.  We decided that this peak was meant for another day when we are in better shape.



So, we began the descent anticipating that our trailer would still be where we left it and our truck.  The parking lot to the right was full, so we just parked it along the side of the road.


Now we are off to Durango to see Molly!!




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  • Every picture is like I am with you. It is soooo beautiful. The wild flowers are so vibrant. Amazing what little seeds can do!

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