Durango, Colorado – June 28-31, 2018

We were able to get a spot at the Fairgrounds in Durango for a week.  It is very close to Molly and right next store to the Recreation Center.  It is, however, in a parking lot with no shade – but at least it has a partial hook up for water and electric.

4BA21DA8-CC0B-4797-91D1-0E0C1D679BD2Our first morning here, Molly took us on a hike on Hogsback Trail at Overend Mountain Park.  It was a short but VERY steep trail that she uses for a quick hike on busy days.ADF1B74B-7A9F-4131-9CF2-9DD2B7CC7771


26697981-FE54-4801-BBA8-7FCC23A85DF09E7D10ED-6802-4D5C-B2F2-A9F26EA48F91That red speck is Molly.  As you can see, I fell behind and wasn’t sure if I was going to actually make it to the top.  My biggest concern was that I had to come back down the same way.  It was mostly dry, loose granular with steep drop offs on both sides in some areas.  Why didn’t I bring my poles (and skis for that matter!!)?

It was nice to see dad and daughter together again at we took a break at the summit.  The smoke from the burning fires creates an unnatural foggy image.  Molly kept telling us that the view is normally breathtaking.

A85090EB-CBF8-49CF-AE34-C70D6E116A6CLater that day, Scott and I took a ride over to Haviland Lake to make a future reservation. How could we not camp on a lake called Haviland?



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