Happy 4th Anniversary to Us!! 7/7/18

Four years ago today we were married at Rocky Mountain National Park on Long’s Peak.  Today we found ourselves celebrating on another mountain much further south in Colorado in the San Juan National Forest.  Even though they are still battling Forest Fires in the area, parts of the Forest were reopened and deemed safe for travel and sports.  We drove back up north again past Silverton to Cunningham Gulch so that we could hike Highland Mary’s Lakes Trail.  Fortunately, we got a much earlier start today.


Along the trail, there were several pretty, melodious waterfalls that entertained us with their unique sound.




Below is the first lake that we came upon.  It looks bigger than it actually is due to the photographer’s angle.

F9167AFA-DF9B-4A6D-963E-4EB5F9F4B1C5Below is Highland Mary “Little” Lake.  Notice the black spec on the snow behind us.  Our little friend had a field day playing in the snow and in the lake.  This happy lab’s owners offered to take our picture, but we like taking selfies.


Here is a picture of another Highland Mary Lake.  On the map, there are actually five lakes – all referred to as Highland Mary Lakes.  We met a man on our hike who called two of them Little and Big Lakes.  Here is a picture of “Big” Lake.


Time to head back down the mountain, past the melodious waterfalls once again.


Later that day, we dined at Ken and Sue’s restaurant in Durango.  It was a beautifully breezy and warm summer’s night.  Cheers to four years!


4 thoughts on “Happy 4th Anniversary to Us!! 7/7/18

  • Happy Anniversary (a bit late) and I am loving seeing our country through your trip!! Thank you for the wonderful tour!!! 🙂

  • Congrats on four years of happiness….so many memories for you so far, with lots more to come. Love your photos. The waterfalls are amazing…as are you guys. Thanks. Love you both sooo much. Mom

  • Happy Anniversary! Imagine….how lucky you are. I also thank you for allowing us to see our country through your eyes….so beautiful…and Molly looks great!!

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