The Colorado Trail/Taylor Lake – July 15, 2018

Molly picked a hike for today that she felt I would enjoy…where there would be no sheep.  Lol

A378EDD6-8930-4EEF-BB2B-F5FC3E7A46F7The Colorado Trail goes from Durango to Denver.  We entered it at the top of La Plata Canyon.


BCDD1206-1D24-4C7D-9AEA-BF11A38E60F7 We made our way on the narrow dirt path surrounded by tall green plants, purple flowers, and endless evergreens.  Our view of the mountains was breathtaking.


8A86220E-212D-4F37-86F0-B00F8A17FD83When we got to the lake about a mile out, we met a young dad with his two young children, two grown dogs, and one six-week-old puppy, Oswald. I immediately fell in love with this little guy and told Scott he was the one.

14117EC9-8A7F-43EA-9C23-6A405422AE67The owner said that his brother and sister were still available at the shelter…😔… not gonna happen today.  After I got enough kisses from Oswald and conversation from the 3-1/2 boy and 5-1/2 year old girl, we said goodbye and began our ascent.

27D43468-D723-40B4-B997-FC42CD67BF89The wildflowers were stunning, and we even caught a marmot sprawled out on a rock in the background. Zoom in and look dead center for a glimpse of our furry mountain friend.

FB574760-9AAA-42BA-A8DD-C25DF98CA4FDTime for a selfie with Taylor Lake below.

8D22DFDD-513B-424A-960A-351169A7DFF1We continued upward and noticed some dark clouds forming above.  I was a little bit behind Scott and Molly, and wasn’t sure if I wanted to go up any higher. It wasn’t raining yet, but we knew it was imminent.

AE89DE2B-1C0E-4A03-9FB2-D2FCDDF2A58DSince I had gone this far, I decided to join them at the peak.  Then it occurred to me that scott and I hadn’t had a summit selfie in a long time.

6B3C1FCD-ADD8-4604-9C9C-3C02CACE7BE0It had started to rain, and Molly  had begun her descent just ahead of us.

EFCB4D90-2DAC-4B9A-99B9-592C49830ABDWithin no time, it began to hail so we quickly picked up our pace.  I just had to stop to capture a picture of Taylor Lake again.  This could be my favorite shot of the day.

I also got one snapshot of Scott coming down the trail behind me before the sky really opened up again.

565F0BAA-18F6-44C2-BD4B-7EAB385A32EBMolly had taken my set of keys and ran ahead of us.  She didn’t have rain gear on like we did and we weren’t about to run all the way to the car.  I wanted to take a picture of the newly transformed dirt path that had now become a muddy, flowing stream.  Navigating that terrain without slipping or falling, coupled with the hail falling and the thunder cracking, made for another first for me.  I was a little nervous but I have to say it was exciting at the same time.  I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much if I didn’t have rain gear on.

I do believe that I am better prepared for the next episode that might take my breath away.   As Molly said, “It’s not about the situation you find yourself in but how you react to the situation.”

2 thoughts on “The Colorado Trail/Taylor Lake – July 15, 2018

  • Sue, I think you are falling in love with Colorado! Great photos again and you are correct, the last picture of Taylor Lake is spectacular! Continue having fun!!!

  • What a wonderful blog this was at Taylor lake. The plastic tube is so can take sips of water? What do I know?
    That puppy is adorable? What kind of dog? I think Sue you may be getting more freckles in that lovely sunshine and decreased ozone protection..ha ha.
    The flowers God put on this earth are without adequate comment….The summit kiss is a winner and the picture of Taylor Lake is wow. Isn’t that Molly’s friend’s name?
    How wonderful to be in nature and experience with hail and thunder and lightening…I love that stuff!! Golf courses are a “hit venue…but surely not the mountains”…you are so small.
    Molly’s wisdom is phenomenal…learned so young what takes us a lifetime to appreciate.
    Such a picture of Dad and Molly on the summit, surely they placed rock on the pile to heaven. LU all.

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