Animas Mountain Trail – July 17, 2018

There are many trails to choose from around the perimeter of Durango, and today we chose to hike the Animas Mountain Trail.

789839ED-5024-4D8F-902A-37CC91059DFEThis trail was 6.4 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 1,549’.  You get a nice view of the Animas River below.  The winding river changes as time goes by.  The “U” shaped flow of the river is called an oxbow.  It can, however, become rerouted which causes the oxbow to be cut off from the main flow of the river, resulting in a small oxbow lake.

1485A07A-5217-44CF-8CC6-EF93BA7C878DAs we continued on, Scott decided to work on his tan.

9D9E9B57-7AC6-4319-8B57-5A3FEE6035D9Just after we reached the peak, we were able to view the other side of Durango where Molly currently lives.  We were able to spot her house hiding in the trees below.

F3A9FD12-8951-4B4B-AECD-57827B9E9F8DThen Scott wanted me to sit on a beautiful ledge for a photo opportunity.

5F6A5F82-FE27-4A99-9105-4871D38E70D7I thought that tree was so nice that I just had to do tree pose, Vrksasana, alongside of it.


The topographic map below shows the trail options more clearly.


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