Vallecito Reservoir – July 16, 2018

We headed back to the Fairgrounds Campsite this morning for our last three days in Durango.  Over the past few days, mornings begin with temperatures in the high 50’s and gradually make it to the hi 70’s/low 80’s with partly cloudy skies.  By early afternoon, you can see storm clouds coming over the surrounding mountains, and rain falls at varying intensity for most of the afternoon.  By early evening, the sun peeks out again resulting in a dryer, somewhat cooler evening.

Today was no different.  We got a late start to Vallecito Reservoir, and on the way there we saw the storm clouds forming.


We had hoped to go for a swim and play on the paddle boardsoard.  Instead, Scott set up a hammock, and I tried to take a nap.


It wasn’t long before Scott pitched the tarp over the truck to keep us somewhat dry since it started spritzing.

F59969D1-9B04-4DE4-AA8D-FEC202B79D79And rain it did.  It eventually subsided, and we got up to go for a hike around the lake.

58C4688F-9835-4732-ABB3-9898A08C90ABYou can’t actually see the lake on the above picture.  We are standing on what was once under water and is now hard sand, rocks, and mud.

No paddleboarding or swimming today.  We hung out for a while watching the rain and eventually packed up and left.

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