Great Sand Dunes National Park – July 19-21, 2018

We had to say our goodbyes to Molly this morning, so we met for an early breakfast at famous Oscars in Durango.  She had to go to work, and it was time for us to start heading back up north.

Scott had been to the Dunes when he was about nine years old, yet he had little recollection of it. He just remembered running around a lot.        On the internet we found a site called Zapata Falls Campground.  They don’t take reservations as their policy is first come first serve. The winding, steep, and rocky road leading up to the campground caused us to drive at a snails pace.  It took us 25 minutes to go 4 miles.

B64404F1-0CB1-47B9-949D-98A988E8BDC1The best part was watching car after car coming back down the road which indicated to us that the campsite might be full.   We began to get testy thinking that after pulling the trailer up this endless,  bumpy road, we’d have to turn right back around.  As we got closer to the top, the guy behind us was trying to pass us as I guess we were going to slow for him. Scott was not gonna let him pass us because if there was one site left, we were going to get it! Soon the road veered to the right or straight.   We went straight and the guy behind us went to the right.   Turns out that he made the correct turn towards the campground, and we found ourselves in the Day Visitors Only parking lot.  We turned the trailer around, only to find out that there were several empty campsites available to us and we got a good one.

D9B92FCA-728D-4F6C-9B1E-48D9E6A2C1C4After setting up camp, we took a short hike to Zapata Falls.  This was obviously the reason for the Days Visitors Only parking lot.   People take the short hike   up to hang out by the falls.9AB4F111-2280-4989-BA57-BEB2622E96CF

6ADEA0CD-FEDA-4B88-A92C-BDA587F03F33The water was cold and loud.


73921023-0AC9-405A-8953-8657E98C1D8EWhen we got back, Scott set up the grill and I did the cooking.


Later that evening, Scott set up his tripod on the hill just above our trailer .

14F56B40-1100-42C6-B850-666802284A10Below is my sunset picture using my iPhone.

6FDB5637-76B4-4CE3-9B7C-1693FA499933Here are Scott’s photos:






B4B11C24-4925-4B96-88A6-BEFDF02B03CDThe next morning we got up early and headed for the Great Sand Dunes.

9CA5BBAA-7082-4DB8-8D67-FDD48350A726Fun, fun, fun!!!  We got there pretty early before 7:30 a.m. while the air was still cool.  It was cool on my bare feet.

B3865B23-FAC7-4692-B584-F81EA5659FE648A69096-C4A8-4603-B0B6-D8206F79669COff we go wishing to reach the summit.  The only problem was that there were several false summits.   We soon stopped to salute the glorious sun that had begun to intensify as the hours passed.  No more uphill for me.  I attempted a few yoga poses on the sand but it was challenging to stay balanced!

4DBACA2B-184E-43C5-A003-1126984A745AStanding on my head proved easier than standing on two feet   Go figure.

635324AC-BBB0-4150-BC4B-F1F1D13F2A2EThe highlight was running back down!  Check back soon for a video.





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