Garden of the Gods – July 23, 2018

We headed north towards Colorado Springs, and found an RV Park in Monument, Colorado.  It was adjacent to Highway 25 and you could hear the traffic at night.   It was quite different from the sounds of nature.


58B408DC-350E-433C-A5A9-645648CFE4D4The main reason we stopped in Colorado Springs was to see The Garden of the Gods .  While beautiful to see up close, we found it to be an overrated famous tourist site.   It had walking paths overlooking rock formations.



A0B1F5CC-EC9D-45BE-BA31-97DAD6962871It’s  important to get an early start before the heat of sun makes its impact and the crowds arrive.  Along one of the trails,  we saw beautiful sunflowers.

0AF3ADE6-CA4A-43F6-8598-2AA4847D356CHere is a closeup.  Look carefully at the leaf just below the flower to the left for the tiny ladybug I spotted.

3BAEBAEB-40C1-438A-A60F-C988CCF9B841The map below shows the many trails that cross over almost like a maze at times .   Now also the happy sign below the map.  I kept my eyes alert but never saw any.  😬


Weare glad we took the time to see it.  If you do decide to check it out in person, we suggest getting an early start.  It’s less crowded, and the heat of the early rising  sun is bearable.


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