Chasm Lake – July 25, 2018

We returned to Long’s Peak today for the first time since we were married four summers ago.

4B3F6323-336F-43B9-B41F-1F1587502893On July 7, 2014, we were unable to make it to the summit due to unsafe conditions.  So, we found a spot opposite the keyhole on a cliff just above the view of Chasm Lake.  Today our journey would take us to the lake that I had only seen from above.  Scott was here before with his dad when he was a kid.

5CF42CFB-1727-4E77-B548-6C62A1D4AA5CIn the picture below I am pointing to the flat summit of Long’s Peak.

A6E9500B-BBBF-49B8-B33E-529655E73FCFAbout three miles into the hike, we walked along a cliff with a raging waterfall, the white strip that you can see on the right. Scott is making his way to it, and I voted to watch him perched on a rock from above.   The water you see to the lower left is Peacock Pool.  Check out Scott’s Gallery for those photos.

A56DE504-2982-48F8-9A23-E76E9793C1A2Once we reached Chasm Lake, we had a bite to eat and then Scott began to take some more photos.



I really wanted to take a swim as the crystal clear lake looked so inviting.   My toes told me otherwise.  Scott thinks the water temperature was upper 30’s/lower 40’s.   Needless to say, I passed even as he taunted me from his resting spot from above.

EBFE5639-B2A6-4070-8EF7-42422095102DOn the way back, I tried to capture the beauty  that surrounded us…rolling rock streams and narrow dirt paths against rocky cliffs.



5418B319-7B41-4738-B038-B854ACC30CEDIt was pretty special to sit below the cliff where we shared our vows back in 2014.   One of these years, We want to revisit that spot.



4 thoughts on “Chasm Lake – July 25, 2018

  • PS…was great spending some time with you both…too short! Hope to do at the beach again next year if you can!!

  • Wonderful, wonderful! I don’t think Scott has stopped smiling since you arrived in Colorado. You both look fabulous and such fantastic memories you are making….each and every day. I have a question: How did you get from Garden of the God’s one day and the next appear all gussied-up for a wedding??? Inquiring minds want to know??? Love you. Mom

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