Mount Lady Washington – July 28, 2018

This solo hike by Scott began at 10 p.m.  It was about a 12-mile out and back hike with a little less than 4,000′ elevation gain (hence, the reason this one was a solo!).  He packed some snacks, his tripod, and camera gear and off into the dark night he went.  After three hours of uphill climbing, he found the place where he would quietly gaze at the wonder of the night sky and just snap away.

84EA235E-48CD-4E34-AEA2-9A1345D37EC6The camera picks up all the light so it looks like it brighter out than it actually was.  You can see the town of Estes Park in the above picture. Once Scott got above the treeline, he no longer needed is headlamp.  The moon provided enough light as evidenced in the pictures below.




If you you look closely st the picture below, you can see the tandem rock climbers.  Zoom in and look for the headlights.

CF05078E-E850-4C92-BD6B-2B46797AE0A4Good thing that he took a selfie using the timer on his camera.

985FBB1B-A651-4068-8CAA-5269BDBDBCECThe sun was just starting to come up in his last two pictures…





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  • absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing such “goose-bump” raising pictures. Love you guys….so much.

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