Ouzel Lake and Falls – Wild Basin Area – July 29, 2018

After Scott’s big trek yesterday, we wanted to take it a little easy today.  We chose an easy hike with lots of waterfalls at Wild Basin.

EA2D9F97-E53C-4BDB-9E2F-4359D0A6FD89Ouzel Falls was an easy trail with limited elevation gain.  Of course, there was still a warning sign to keep us alert and cautious.

D4272CE1-59E3-4F03-9BD2-8D961FC59592The trail began with a bridge over the first downhill waterfall.

A1F62F66-0749-4866-B51D-828FF3C1E6EFMost of this trail ran alongside the stream.


262D7177-CAFB-498E-896B-25E20AE67788It was a bit chilly early morning, and we started wearing long pants as well a winter hats – and gloves!  It wasn’t too long before the sun provided much needed warmth, and we began to shed some layers.


103BBC6F-2DF0-4288-9FB6-95603BBD990AHere is a sampling of the sound that surrounded us.  

One thought on “Ouzel Lake and Falls – Wild Basin Area – July 29, 2018

  • Love, love that you are spending so much time in the glory that is Colorado. The video reminded me so much of the stream we used to camp by near Glenwood Spgs. when I was a kid. I would see how far I could go in the middle of the stream by climbing over all the downed timber and rocks. Thanks for that memory. Love you

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