Flattop Mountain and Hallet Peak – July 30, 2018

Today would be our last hike in Rocky Mountain National Park before our 20 day visit back home in New Jersey.  Scott picked Flattop Mountain.


888190C1-DF32-4511-86E1-8B820B8A6CA7Along the way, we came across some furry friends.  This marmot was busy sniffing the ground and didn’t particularly care that I was getting rather close to him.

983292FC-FE99-4B8B-9B08-A6C908CAC2E4There were several viewpoints along the trail.  I can’t imagine who would descend to Dream Lake but obviously some people have attempted to do so – hence, this sign.

AFC457E1-5040-484C-9AB0-240245959B06After 4.4 miles, we made it to the summit of Flattop Mountain.  It was well worth it.  The view was spectacular!

E0B63350-73C6-4F4D-B02D-FB5C3883D4FEI was ready for a lunch break, but my honey wanted to continue to Hallet Peak which was about another half mile straight up.  It doesn’t look as steep  from the cameras angle but my heart rate was pounding once again.

947FDA32-0167-4D8C-805F-92E6AD372A18It was so worth it when we made it to Hallet  Peak.  There’s nothing like the exhilaration you feel when you finally make it to a mountain peak.  It’s like you are on top of the world!


81E86D1D-36AB-4B44-8957-8D22B8BEC5C7As we sat and enjoyed our lunch, another furry friend got a bit too close for my comfort. So, I happily got up to take their picture.

7A265FE9-70CE-4399-8C92-F6FECEB6D62FAs we made our way back down, I was compelled to get a closer look at the snow along the edge of Flattop Mountain – even after reading more warning signs.




311FF8EB-B18B-4645-A63A-308DF433849EThe snow was probably about 6 feet deep.

We continued on the 4.4 mile descent from Flattop Mountain.  We were both tired yet fulfilled.  Not exactly sure how to explain Scott’s reaction in this non-candid shot I took about a mile from the end of the hike. 🤔 EDE53834-8241-4C89-A8E4-E597191D9A67

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