New Jersey Visit – 8/2 – 8/20/18

Our trip back home began with the wedding of Tyler and Jenny on 8/4/18 in St. James, Long Island.  We were thrilled to be invited and very much enjoyed this spectacular event!  Here are a few photos from that very special day.







58A703DD-249D-4CBB-A77E-48F0AA572739On Sunday, August 5, we dove to Manasquan to see Dani.  It took us over three hours in stop-and-go-traffic to get there.   As a result, we had a short visit.  😔  Apparently, it was the first nice beach day in several days.  It was sunny and very hot, and my feet were burning in the sand!  After we dropped her off at the train station so she could return home, Scott and I continued on to LBI to visit with the Yotkas.  We enjoyed a great dinner and celebrated Pete’s birthday.

BDF3352E-BB6E-4C9D-9D39-540CEEA40AAFThe following day was another hot one at the beach 🏖 , but the water was inviting.  After a few hours, we were on the road again.  I just had to stop at 17th street before we exited the island.  We walked my old beach looking for familiar faces yet found none to my dismay😔.  As we drove up 17th street, we saw my beach street neighbor, Jerry, in front of his house.  He said that basically no one was around since it was Monday, and that it hadn’t been the best of summers weather wise.  We got back on 72 and then the Parkway North and headed to Lavalette.   Here we would spend two days visiting with the Smith family.  Baby Gavin stole the show.  He is such a delight!

C563AC05-8165-4B3F-8196-5FB1AC0FD3DE70F9DC70-843F-4A3C-A32A-88F9956D1B9A4939CE03-53BB-4558-A90C-7EFF7FFBB6D4C21D1D08-224D-4EBE-AC89-F11A8E902DDFThat beautiful boy makes me smile from ear to ear.  He loved the water!!


On Wednesday, Scott kept my mom company…

1443D532-3335-435A-8B78-70E4071C3871…while I ventured into the city to see Dani again. Here I am relaxing in her apartment watching TV as I waited for her to get home from work.

E25501CB-ED70-469F-A685-FB8DC6399C0FWhen she got in from work, we had a little bite to eat and then went to see Frozen on Broadway.

D6EBEE93-B32F-41EC-B433-621C48CE8426Over the next few days, I was able to spend a few hours with Lizzie and the girls, eat birthday cake with the Whitneys, lunch with the Ryans, dinner with the Havilands, dinner with Karen, and more baby fun at the Moskins.  This pretty little girl could even do some yoga poses!  

The last event on the calendar was the much anticipated wedding of my Goddaughter, Christine Gordon, and Josh Davis.  Not only is it obvious that Josh adores my niece, but he is an extremely talented singer!!  You rock, Josh!

A day before the wedding, I took my mama out to be beautified.  She is rocking at 89!!







This was one of the BEST weddings I have ever been to!  Excellent food, beautiful outdoor venue, mist of my family members, and three of the greatest live bands made this a truly memorable event. Kudos to Chrissy and Josh!

Twenty days seems like a long time until you reach Day 20.  I don’t know how I squeezed this all in (in addition to seeing my eye doctor, pulmonologist, orthopedic surgeon, and dentist).  There  were many people that I wasn’t able to see although I wanted to.  Now I know why my sister Rosie gets frenzied when she comes up from Florida for a visit.  There is never enough time to spend time with those we love and miss.  We just do the best we can.

We are now back out west. More adventures to follow.  Poor signals make blogging a challenge to say the least.

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