Estes Park, CO – 8/21 – 8/24/18

We returned from hot and humid New Jersey to cloudy, smoke-filled Colorado skies with temperatures in the low 60’s. Whew! What a relief (except for the smoke).  I have to say that I no longer can handle the hazy, hot, and humid days of August in New Jersey. If we ever settle in New Jersey again, I will have to go out west for the summer!

When we got to our trailer, we discovered a “For Sale” sign posted  by the door. Mama and Papa’s neighbors allowed us to park our trailer on their lot while we were back in Jersey. Thanks for the joke, Vern.

88871DB4-2D83-4443-91FE-9D2E881732B9It was late and dark when we arrived Monday evening, so we went right to sleep. The next morning we saw two friends playing outside our window in another neighbor’s front yard.  Guess we are not in Jersey anymore.

9C335EE9-DBF9-43A6-A150-CD66CDDFE7B6We headed over to Mama and Papa’s with bagels from Jersey for breakfast.  Afterwards, we left to set up camp. We chose Hermit Park, again, as it is not only close to Scott’s dad, but we love it there. We got site B19 this time, and it is our favorite spot in Hermit Park so far.

14A3415E-D714-4FE2-A6A6-B578E03DB96FOnce we were squared away at camp, we went food shopping.  While we were driving back up the winding, dirt road to our trailer, a small black bear ran across the road about 20 feet from our truck. My mouth opened wide as I watched it scurry across the road into the woods. We watched as he ran about 50 feet away from us.  Then he stopped, stood on his hind legs, placed his paws on a tree, and looked right at us. I fumbled too long with my phone, and he was off and running farther away before I could capture the moment.   I was stunned but smiling.  I have been waiting for this moment for a long time.  He was so darn cute! How can brars be dangerous when they look so cuddly?  Of course,  we were in the truck the entire time so I felt safe and not threatened.  Two hours later we headed back down the mountain to watch a movie with Papa.  That is when we saw the same bear eating berries in a bush.  Although he was a bit farther away, I was able to take a snapshot and a short video.


The next day I headed over to Estes Park recreation center to swim, and Scott went to his dads house to do some errands for him.  When I arrived, I asked mama if I could help.  She handed me a broom and asked me to sweep the driveway clean of the pebbles/debris from the previous two days of rain.  All I have to say is that I was truly spoiled as a homeowner for many years.  Althea handled most of the outdoor upkeep that included raking leaves, sweeping out the garage, gardening, and the like.  I don’t recall ever working this hard… but it did feel good.

071221A8-CB6A-4ECF-94E1-0534AA66E744I told Mama that I wanted to cook lasagna for lunch tomorrow.  So later that day, we returned to our “condo” and the production began.


45202C71-E442-435F-B3F6-14AE33877010While I was busy cooking in the kitchen, Scott was doing his handyman work, making a shelf for his closet.




The next day Mama enjoyed being fed as opposed to being the cook!

E14B7F2D-4BF2-4202-947C-F82BFB4E8471On our last morning in Colorado, we hiked Kroger Rock Trail to get some morning cardio in before we hit the road to Wyoming.   We will be back in Colorado later in September.


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