Hello Wyoming! 8/24 – 8/25/18

Friday, August 24, was a travel day from Estes Park, CO, to Rawlins, WY.  It was less than two hours to get out of Colorado and into Wyoming.

D216F220-EEAF-4DD7-BBF0-B5D538FBEFB3We tend to stop every two hours (as long as I have not fallen asleep) to make a pit stop.  We usually pull over and use the trailer unless our timing works and we find a rest area on the road.   I have to say that the highway restrooms are clean.   Some even have unusual signs.

1E71EA9D-1516-4087-9152-64B12DDD52D1The next rest area even had historical monuments.

It was getting late in the day, so we finally decided to look for a place to boondock for the night.  The first BLM location (meaning free camping) off the main road had about six sites and was basically deserted.  We picked one,  and Scott got out of the car .  When I opened my door and stepped out,  I was engulfed by hundreds of hungry mosquitoes!  I quickly jumped back into the truck and furiously shook my head.  It was obvious we were not staying there. We drove about 40 minutes west to another location that looked  like Mars, but at least there were no mosquitoes.

7886C5E4-0767-4470-A468-A8731B144EEDScott delighted in the opportunity for some really intense sunset moments.


The following morning we strolled around “Mars” taking in the unusual surroundings.


A7B191D6-C663-4977-A468-3D0250D66C96Still, a reason to smile.

E2244050-9674-4300-87C3-EC6ED695B86BThe next day we continued on 287N towards Lander and made a quick stop at Wind River Trading Co. /Indian Museum.  Unfortunately, we missed the grave of Sacajawea and agreed not to turn around and go back.  When we reached Dubois, we stopped to eat lunch.  Next, we travelled through Shoshone National Forest,  Togwotee Pass/Continental Divide, Bridger-Teton National Forest/Grand Teton National Park, and finally to our next destination.

C3B83812-336C-4C94-89EF-C80EDBA2D468The weather all day was sunny, smoky, and a bit hazy as you can see from my first photo/sighting of The Grand Tetons.

0819E092-C9ED-4DC7-8BEF-0DF9542E9C36 This was taken from the front seat as the truck was moving.   Darn smoke.

We headed towards Shadow Mountain Campground, which is in the Bridger-Teton National Forest area that offers about ten free sites.   To get a spot, we had to travel up a winding, rocky, dirt road, and availability is on a first come, first serve basis.

3CC0BB19-424C-4CBD-934F-207D49980A48We drove a good 40 minutes at about 5 mph until we found site 7 calling our name. Here is a view from the dirt road.

0745FDEF-8464-4B44-AFE8-8A4ED97F10C9Here we are resting and enjoying the view.

0F4C8494-2C5F-482F-B7E9-7976623DA019And, shown below is what we are gazing at.

30CD7CEB-1589-4E0E-97CD-659F76F1E5F0You can barely make out the Tetons in the distance   It became a little more defined as the evening wore on .

E2C5F531-60F9-4E2B-928C-5472211AF45BMore to come from Shadow Mountain Campground and the Grand Tetons as we plan to stay a while.




One thought on “Hello Wyoming! 8/24 – 8/25/18

  • I was so in shock, the first and only time I saw the Tetons. It is a spiritual experience. Wish to thank you both for the wonderful experience of my cross country trip with you. Scott and Sue your pictures are really beautiful and sharing them with us is so meaningful rather than trying to catch the essence of your trip on a home visit.

    Will write more on private email.
    Oh Scott, keep your eye on Sue…men outnumber women in Wyoming!!!!

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