Shadow Mountain Campground in the Grand Tetons: 8/26 – 8/30/18

We finally made it to The Grand Tetons, home to many mountain peaks and several lakes.

C3B83812-336C-4C94-89EF-C80EDBA2D468Shadow Mountain became our “free” campsite for the next five nights.  It is located in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, which is just outside of Grand Tetons National Park, AND we had a spectacular view of the Tetons.


0745FDEF-8464-4B44-AFE8-8A4ED97F10C9298F1DBA-956D-49C3-B650-D865789FBDD5Here is a shot of our “first” sunset picture…a bit hazy but you can make out each peak.

E2C5F531-60F9-4E2B-928C-5472211AF45BThe next morning, the clouds and smoky haze were still part of our viewpoint.  We were told that it was from the California fires.  It  was chilly with morning temperatures in the low 40’s.

6ED2573F-5F0E-4592-81DC-F1FA598BC2FELater that morning, we drove down to String Lake Trailhead to take a hike around the lake.  I wasn’t feeling so well so we decided instead to drive to Colter Bay Campground to see if we wanted to possibly set up camp there next.  I liked that it was in close proximity to water.  They also have “Be Bear Aware” Food Storage boxes.  This sight has become quite common in these parts.

F8828387-649A-4AE9-BCB6-EA68762372CDThe next day was overcast again and chillier.  We wanted to get out and move our bodies, so we dressed accordingly and headed back over to String Lake.  By the time we reached the lake, the rain had begun.

This four-mile hike went around the perimeter of the String Lake.  The weather changed from rain, to sleet, to hail, back to rain, peaks of sun, thunder, and finally it just stopped.


EB5B4D35-634D-4487-BF7C-75F79036F55AOn Tuesday morning, we embarked on a 7-8 mile hike from Jenny Lake to Hanging Canyon.  It was a beautiful, clear day, with partly cloudy skies, and the smoke had finally disappeared.  We gained about 2,000’ in elevation, but we both felt pretty good.  We were eager to get to the snow that had fallen overnight as we could see it from our campsite.  (As an aside, this is the first morning that we had to put on the heat…brrrrrr).

1B38848B-B3CB-4971-A408-52AB1766AD7F1C4F3E80-87B8-44BC-8688-BB520E9185E471F872E9-792E-4329-8216-F733C272CDDDE63BD8F8-5FC7-4F25-83E3-8D9DBD2980C7We we ran into a hiking club and watched as their group split up.  We were told that the snow got deeper as you continued to ascend, and I didn’t have my poles😮.  Needless to say, we descended at that point.  😔

8BAA4F61-D0BE-4D8B-A86B-B90E9CF69BD8It’s amazing how the weather changes which you get down below where the snow had fallen.  Off come the layers!

F6534E7D-7522-4802-BAD3-731153B2639E That night, Scott made a fire and set up his camera for some sunsets moments.



34C4B03A-5FE1-466C-9614-4983AD4FA5F0Wednesday morning, we woke up to 30 degree temps and had to put the heat on for a while again.  Today we hiked Death Canyon Trailhead past Phelps Lake.

B0094B46-AE05-4D8F-9421-1D22876A11D5The midday sun was so warming to the body, and the flowing streams and baby waterfalls made me smile from ear to ear.

55153452-700F-499F-97E6-43ADB7FA5FE0Here I am taking a picture of my shadow.  That’s what Scott said.  Honestly, I have no idea what I saw.

4A226BD4-C777-49A8-AF65-F0B48E72E2D6That evening, Scott made another fire and we began our stargazing journey.  He would identify a tiny bright light in the night sky and announce what planet it was.  I would send the picture to my brother-in-law, Dean, and he would confirm Scott’s accuracy.  Pretty cool!



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