Colter Bay Campground: 8/30 – 9/4/18

We didn’t get our fill of the Tetons, so we headed out of our boondocking site and spent the next five nights at Colter Bay.  This was a more popular dry campground, but the lots were somewhat private with trees and woods that provided plenty of privacy and also led to Jackson Lake.


755A0FC6-C9C9-409B-A7DD-F73850731FDAWe set up camp and then took a short walk to the water. I really tried to go swimming, but the water was a wee bit chilly.  I was happy just gazing at the water and the view of  the Tetons.

F14C6E0D-9C88-46B1-99BB-2625F02D77CDAs you can see, brave Scott thought that the water was just perfect.  Now, is he drying off or warming up??!

C862381A-5A5B-4D84-9B1E-A542408F7E35Soon, I summoned the courage to get in.  I tried a few yoga poses, but the water was particularly rough and it proved to be challenging.

1892B2E2-D5F2-422A-8704-37ED54401151The next day, we decided to drive the 70 miles north to Yellowstone National Park to scout out potential camping sites.  On the way, we passed Old Faithful, the famous geyser, and decided to stop and be tourists.  It truly is a pretty spectacular sight to see.

D8D2BE35-9AF5-459F-82D3-4C1E0A56C241ADC8BAC5-4517-45B2-A9B6-04025CE5EB0AMaybe you would enjoy some live coverage of it erupting.

We walked along the boardwalk for a few more hours smelling the sulfur and taking random shots of various geysers.

76ABDAA8-EAB9-4420-B6A3-CE14909D12837EE7CAB5-DFB6-425C-ACC3-8FCED97BB648950D42EA-12FA-4848-875F-F6449C7799B176AF1AE0-FC91-4929-9030-9C9E87D01A7CThe sad part is that they actually have to post this sign everywhere.

18F2ABE7-944F-439C-BFFE-80317F4DDEEBWe got back on the road to checkout Madison Campground and then Canyon.  We definitely want to come back to Canyon next week as it is much more private.

We returned to Colter Bay Campground in the Tetons that evening.  In the morning, we drove to Jenny Lake and took taxi boat ride to the other side of the Lake to the trailhead for Cascade  Canyon.  It was another chilly morning. On our walk from the parking lot to the boat, we saw some early morning friends hanging out.

2DC89CC5-EF0F-4504-8037-3335F77ABDC0We boarded the boat and off we went.


65F16B55-28F9-45E8-A94C-60AD69F55ABBEarly into the 7.2 miles one way hike to Solitude Lake, I spotted a moose about 50 feet from us.

D8C0FE68-8C0A-49AB-9ED4-B316F1C22B86We silently watched as she just munched away at the food she was getting from the river.

As we continued on, the landscape changed from a meandering, quiet river to loud, cascading water.




After about four miles in, we came to a junction to turn around or continue.  Another 2.7 miles?  No problem.   Scott reminds me that we have to go back as far as we go in.

48845E78-76E5-42C1-A6BF-27E0D055AF63We continued on.

C55058EA-2C3D-4C5F-AC6A-B69CBE9A7209883A6076-D808-444A-919F-586C68D835057B150C2F-4656-4550-989F-F3570AE78ED7We finally reached Solitude Lake and sat down on a rock to eat lunch.

347314A8-BDB9-47DD-938C-AD687067757FOnce again, the water temperature was too cold to go for a swim.  Yet, that didn’t stop a young man from jumping off a rock across  from us!

On our way back down, fellow hikers were telling us that there was a moose just off the trail in the river.  She was in the same spot as 8 hours earlier.  We are pretty sure it was the same moose.   This time we got a little closer for a photo opportunity.

13EE69C4-0817-42DA-9383-DB91CA58196ESoon we were back at Jenny Lake  waiting for the boat.

EA2E9753-746F-4B63-98DB-F3293C0F7773The next day we had another long hike planned to the saddle of the middle Teton.   It wasn’t a good day.  Check back for my next blog.

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  • Beautiful country. So thrilled to see you are enjoying this special time in your lives. Daily blessings to you.

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