The Meltdown -Garnet Canyon: 9/3/18

We took a day of rest after the 14.4 mile hike to Lake Solitude two days ago, and we were able to get some laundry done.  On 9/3/18, we drove to Lupine Meadows Trailhead to hike Garnet Canyon, a 4.1 mile one-way hike with consistent elevation gain, some narrow loose gravel, snow bridges, and large rocks for scrambling.

892E93BC-E3F1-4A17-9DBF-FD5A83EB8030Scott had made this hike years ago and made it to the peak of Middle Teton.  We were hoping to perhaps do the same today.  It was as up to me if I wanted to stop or keep going.  It was a beautiful day, and we were both rested and ready for another long hike.

8624685E-09CB-454B-A966-E9788A5EDF00A beautiful butterfly seemed to be following me…or was I following it?17EE53B9-14C7-4CE0-94D9-062356474971I needed to take several breaks and Scott was supportive and kept reminding me that we could stop and turn around at any point.  We got to a point where we had to get off the dirt trail and continue on a snow bridge.

487037F4-E119-4BCE-BB2B-4CA266D07C5FDB295D85-4053-4227-9981-4F440EB6ABE6The water runs underneath the unmelted snow.  Below is a closer look.

61A30F88-4AC2-4BB8-A2DA-475FCCEA816BYou have to be careful that you are walking on solid ground and not where the snow could cave in.   A little intimidating to say the least!  Here’s a live shot.

After we cleared this snow bridge, we took another break.  I was still a happy hiker at this point.

A6B41A67-447F-4D22-90A9-7B83EDAE630CJust look at that view behind us!

91455FD3-816A-4089-B6F2-EFFAAEE6B363It was shortly after this rest that my paranoia began to set it.   It’s what happens to me when the terrain gets tougher and I begin to lose my confidence.  The trail was getting steeper and narrower and the gravel was dry and loose.   I told Scott I wasn’t going back down that way. (Ha!  The joke was on me because it was the only way back down.)  We finally passed that scary section and the trail was primarily scrambling.  There were sections of the stream flowing down some of the large rocks, making them wet and slippery.  We came to one section that was the only way to continue up, and I needed Scott to help push me up and over.  Needless to say, I was nervous but still determined.  (I am competitive with myself after all.)  I had to extend both arms up and grab onto crevices in the rock while Scott pushed me.  He told me repeatedly, “Use your legs, not your arms!”  Well…yep…used my left sore shoulder arm and I screamed out in pain as I was hoisted over the top of that large rock.  It was at this point that my persona completed changed, ie “the meltdown”.   I no longer wanted to reach the saddle or the peak   I was done.  I was frustrated, and I was in pain.😞  I felt so bad that I held Scott back.  Of course, he said that was nonsense.  We began the challenging descent, and stopped for a foot rest near the edge of the snow bridge.

8E5453D4-1F09-48F7-858C-B4CE454580F154AB356F-8718-4690-8FE1-03406AEC9B2BThis could very well be the best part of this day.  Or maybe it was the cute friend that wouldn’t get off the trail on our way back down.


Scott secretively filmed me talking to it.


One thought on “The Meltdown -Garnet Canyon: 9/3/18

  • I remember distinctly the picture Scott took of himself on the Tetons in the Snow. You are so brave! But scared of that little deer. He/She is likely showing you the way. ha ha,
    This country is so beautiful. Only in Wyoming once…but I loved it. So long ago.
    Getting laundry done is an accomplishment!! Miss you.

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