Bridger National Forest, WY: 9/8 – 9/9/18

Another travel day was upon us as we headed south to northern Utah.   We did a lot of driving in Yellowstone, and we were getting used to not pulling 6,000 pounds behind us.  It has a different feel on the road when our condo is attached, but our Toyota Tacoma is handling it.  She also passed the 25,000 mile check up with flying colors!

Just before the Utah border, we found Alfred Flat Campground.  It was located just off the main road, down a dirt road next to a stream. There were 10 sites and you pay via the honor system.   The sign instructs you to deposit $11 cash per night into the metal box.  This campground had bathrooms and fresh water (hence the amenities that we are paying $11 for).  The sites were open but private and nicely spread apart.


3AB6CE25-BE85-44C5-A6F3-81D05FA8EB45Directly to the right was a stream and a walking trail.

31018254-6FA6-425A-B456-274F5BB19783About 100 feet beyond our campsite was a beaver dam.  Scott got a quick peek at the busy beaver but wasn’t able to get a shot of him…just his masterpiece.

227B40E2-CEB3-427A-B432-93CD2B2632E5As you may have surmised, I enjoy taking pictures of signs that I typically have only seen since being out west.  Here is another first.  No pun intended I suppose.

4219ADE2-6594-410C-9FD1-F2E2880F3942It would have been nice to stay at this campsite for a few days, but there was really not much to do in the area, except to perhaps spy on our friend.  Off to Utah!


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