Deep Creek Campground, CO: 9/15 – 9/17/18

After we left Dinosaur Monument, we crossed over the Utah border and found a place to boondock for the night at Deep Creek Campground in Colorado.  It had been a long day of driving and I could tell that Scott was getting tired.

9F57D4EC-3033-4D42-9CEB-5D0D9AB0441022528647-CCA4-4E9B-87E4-155597B6CC40Deep Creek was about 100 feet down below where we parked our trailer on the dirt road.

14A5ACCE-A669-4228-9675-851DD357467CAt the end of the path, you find this.

90B386A5-0D7E-4B6E-A493-48E4DFCD1FD98F12E450-8683-46C4-93EC-58A5586717F3This water flows from the melted snow on the mountains to the Colorado River.

Scott had read about a geological crater in the area, so we took off in the Tacoma early Sunday morning to explore.  There weren’t any signs directing us to it, but we believe we found it.

45F4271D-5FF5-476D-98AB-8FEFA802E7C9 We got out of the car, and walked along this trail that was directly above the crater.

477B65C3-90D0-4B3C-A8BB-B7D4A066601DOn the way back down, we drove past what may have been an Indian Reservation. 

1C5C1B0A-48E9-470B-826F-116EC8A0A821Scott said he had seen a reservation like that once before, however we are not 100% sure that’s what it actually was.

Late morning, we took a drive into Glenwood Springs to find a sports bar to watch the Jets “home” opener against the Dolphins. The canyon roads are winding with spectacular views. 

A05414D5-D630-4F67-A5DE-DCC8090EFD30We parked in town, and I had to take a picture of this.   Can you tell, besides a plant, what it is?

883952B2-DDD4-439B-917A-8B4A8508CBD0Okay, how about this?

50F5CF82-675E-4493-8E54-17BF9E818427We found a Jamaican Pub, CJ’s Wings, in Glenwood Springs that had enough tv’s for every televised game.  And, we had sound!!

B7CB08D1-028C-4C3C-8B22-59C0BFA8CA6DThis game was not as exciting for JETS fans as last week’s game, but we must keep the faith. It’s still early in the season, and this young team can hopefully only get better.

After the game, we drove back to our trailer and brought our chairs and hammocks down by the creek to just chill out and read, and to maybe take a nap, too.  Skies were sunny with temps in the high 80’s.  In the shade, it felt like the low 70’s.  The water was pretty chilly so it was a quick in and out until your feet started to feel numb.  I enjoyed swinging in my hammock and listening to the flowing creek.  Scott enjoyed his book on tape.  

CB96DAF8-A3A3-4361-A6BD-12C11B3D39F07D86D348-BBF6-4C18-A34D-DEBAAA9E1ED0Doesn’t it sound majestic?


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  • Listening and watching the stream….makes me contemplate on the wonder of water!!
    It travels from one spot on the earth to another. Good for the soul.

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