Hiking & Biking Near Glenwood Springs, CO: 9/28 – 10/1/18

Our next stop was a campground outside of Glenwood Springs called Ami’s Acres.

87102F5F-8DF7-41F7-8806-1B848D329D49It is next to Highway 70, and you can here the cars and trucks zipping by at night.  🙄

DE973BB5-B647-4B58-A3E6-3BA7BCBE9108It looks peaceful from the picture above but the highway is between the trees and the mountain.  Ami’s Campground was built on a hill.  It has a lovely restroom with showers at the top of the hill.  I got out of breath every time I walked up to it.

069B4DE5-81C4-49F7-B503-3CCAB7F98732Not sure if you can get a feel for the incline of this walkway.  Trust me, it’s a challenge!  The good news is that the Women’s Room was clean and decorated. Someone shared their artistic talent on the stall doors.

Love the squirrel with his toy!

On Saturday, September 29, we woke up at 4:30 a.m. to drive about an hour to Aspen.  We were hoping to hike Maroon Bells, the most photographed mountains in the world according to my husband.  Unfortunately, we were not early enough and all the parking lots were full. Our only option was to take a bus that we would have to wait an hour for.  We chose instead to take a drive along Route 82, a winding, scenic road to Independence Pass.  The foliage was spectacular!  Here is a clip from early morning.

Our first stop on the way was North Star Nature Preserve Beach.

7B1D73C3-FBFC-41D8-9F94-B65F21C9BAF8Once again, we saw a warning sign for wildlife.

09F9355A-D674-4DE6-9583-A11BCFA91572It was very quiet and peaceful and our presence didn’t seem to bother the only wildlife we saw.

1C15863E-8B26-4659-8AA4-E0B433E8534EC84DA3D6-1153-4372-85A4-073D3287A18FOur next stop was Weller Lake Trail.

76B80D66-8855-479A-A1B2-EDA147E3D1EFIt was a pretty green forest, colored in yellow from changing Aspen trees and fallen leaves.

It was a short hike with many switchbacks that brought you to Weller Lake.  When we reached the lake, there were many rocks that once were most likely under water.  The water level in this natural lake was low, and you could see there had not been any water coming in or flowing out of it for some time.  Notice the beautiful sky reflection on the water.

342E1D3B-78AE-4E3A-8AA1-8DB0286250C0As we started back to the car, I couldn’t help but notice how the evergreen trees were decorated with fallen golden aspen leaves, and, it reminded me of a decorated Christmas tree!  Don’t you agree?

31123A47-DA1C-40E2-934C-A3EE0F31AA72Our next stop was off another winding dirt road through a BLM campsite.

BB73DF29-BBBD-4F31-893B-21911592156DWe drove for a while thinking that we might come back here to camp with our tent.  The road was a bit too rugged for the trailer though.  There were several trailheads along the road, and we decided to try New York No. 2182.

2370576A-782B-4C01-A3CE-38A5C4900334We were the only car in the parking lot. 🤔 We had to walk over a stream, and Scott reminded me that this was Moose territory.  Thanks honey.

9A835AD2-1832-47F6-88FF-852ED12E4998We did not bring our backpacks because we decided it would be just be a short hike.  About 20 minutes into the hike, Scott asked if “we” locked the truck. “We” did not have keys with which to lock the truck.  Wondering if he did?  “He” did NOT lock it, but everything was intact…his wallet and phone… my wallet and purse.   Yikes!

The next day we took a drive on Transfer Trail High Country 4 Wheelers.

8B9A335B-56B4-4A08-BE39-F97AD95C520AIt was was strictly a trail for 4-wheel vehicles.   We drove along a steep area and I noticed something unusual that didn’t quite fit.   It was white and somehow hiding in the brush.   It wasn’t until our way back down that Scott saw it, too.

We parked the truck near the top and got out to look around and take a few photos.


20A7BDB4-2A9C-4F5C-A6C8-C1019325457DOn the way back down, Scott got out of the truck to get a better look at the white spec.   It was a white SUV on its side nestled amongst the trees and brush.  I called the ranger station to report it.  I was nervous that people could still be in the vehicle.  When we got back down to the entrance, we told a couple entering the trail what we had seen, and they said it was an accident from years ago.  I can’t even imagine rolling off that trail in our truck!

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