Colorado National Monument/Canyon Rim Trail: 10/1 – 10/3/18

We left Glenwood Springs and headed west on 70 to Fruita.  Scott had read that that there are some good mountain biking trails in this area.  We found a site at Monument RV Resort.


1CD7E70D-F749-4CD0-9239-A42B76153BBEHurricane Rosa had begun to make her mark in western Colorado.  It was early afternoon with more rain in the forecast, so we decided to take a drive to Colorado National Monument, knowing that we would be in and out of the car.


3A85F77C-F989-4DC6-819A-9E8DEF0FAEC1It it was only a short hike to see some incredible views.   It was drizzling on and off but with relatively mild temperatures.



6221CE74-AB69-47E7-954B-21EA102268A2These photos don’t really reveal the actual depth of the canyon.  You have to stand there to see for yourself.

50432D42-362F-415D-AA88-04A74A596FD5I took a moment to collect my thoughts. Then, I followed my favorite photographer to catch him in action.  He loves standing close to the edge.

CBCB0BDC-ED7E-425A-B586-15700595E4B7Time for a selfie!

0B558AE5-0925-4ED0-A0C8-EFED4EC7E703I also am amazed at the beauty of the unusual desert plants and flowers.

The following day we took our chances with the weather and went for a bike ride at Kokopelli’s Trailhead in Fruita.

F212CA83-C685-4E44-AD0B-2E005435D48BMolly had told us that there were some good beginner trails where I could have fun perfecting my riding.  She was right!


A487E663-7591-456B-9E53-A3BE6FE12EC5Hello Colorado River!





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