Goblin Valley State Park, UT: 10/8 – 10/9/18

We traveled a little over two hours from Moab to just outside of Hanksville, Utah. We will spend one night at Goblin Valley State Park. 

DA3A3F9D-5E1F-4160-BCEE-9C1969A01E2CAs you can see from the picture below of our campsite, this is truly a unique place to stay.  It has a very different landscape from what we have seen so far.

The area had a lot of much needed rain for the past several days, and it left the campground with lots of large puddles.  You can’t see our picnic table and fire pit in these pictures, but they are sitting in flooded waters.  Guess we won’t be lighting a fire tonight or dining at the picnic table.  It has been pretty chilly during the day in the low 50s and still partly cloudy. Regardless, we are off to explore the Goblin Valley.  Here is the view from up top where day visitors park their vehicle.

93619F27-9135-47CD-A5DA-A05B09D96312 It looks like a bunch of little goblins from up top.   Once you travel down about 45 steps, they tower over you.


DB078051-5093-4E0D-86BE-6C8F4CF756D0Yet another viewpoint while standing on one.  

We got back in the truck and took a ride to Little Wild Horse Canyon. 

55D8FB68-B427-428B-8E12-771900927FEAThe trail was partially flowing with a muddy stream.

CB32B5CC-CEDD-4ECA-B530-83DFE214B18FWe walked until we got near the entrance to the slots, and Scott was reminiscing about the last time he was here and it was completely dry and hot.  Scott had hiked this canyon with Molly two years ago late at night in the dark. This is one of his favorite shots of Molly from that hike in 2016.


As we walked back out towards the truck, I couldn’t help but notice how this odd looking tree survived the floods and looks like it is thriving.  Isn’t the bark really cool?

Obviously, we will not be hiking here tomorrow since there could be a danger of flash flooding.  It also doesn’t look as though we will get to take our mountain bikes out anywhere in the surrounding areas as the trails may be too muddy.  It’s a little bit of a disappointment since this is a great place for mountain biking and slot canyon hiking.   We will just have to come back here again some day.

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  • Ohhhh! I want to be there. Such fantastic pictures (love Molly in the canyon), and what a great place for inspiration and for yoga….what could be better. Love you. Mom

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