Grand Canyon: 10/18 – 10/21/18

We arrived at the Grand Canyon on October 18, 2018.  

3B6A3CE2-1EC3-4DF4-A1D5-3DCC19A791F5It was difficult to get one spot for our entire stay, so we spent the first two nights at Camper Village RV Park,  which is the only full hook up RV park in The Grand Canyon.

D0A25A80-E840-4CF4-B2D2-F8B87D967B82We took a drive to the Visitor’s Center and walked to Mather Point, taking our first of many pictures of the spectacular rim view.


D8C03C55-20A5-486B-A660-2130DF832FAEThe next day we hiked Grandview Trail to Horseshoe Mesa.

33CD35EA-85D7-44FA-B923-22AE7453E855We hiked 3.5 miles down with an approximate elevation change of 2,500’. 








A4726AF3-CA92-4D68-8EBA-11CF3DC0C1EB7FA1C8AC-F358-4C87-8A36-ED6DBCEE61ECWe continued on to Horseshoe Mesa and took a break to take in the beautiful surroundings.


10F939DD-74F8-4A45-94C4-1FA1541596F1Check out the cactus…

43B13E07-F5D3-432C-AFFF-81971D7C559D…and the yucca plants.


B8F33D23-CFB3-4B23-A4E1-26BC82670084It was time to turn around and head back up.  I always enjoy hiking down while Scott prefers the hike up.  Parts of this trail were quite steep, and I really needed to focus on my breathing to make it back up.  In doing so, I didn’t have any problems with my breathing,  but we were hot and sweaty.  Perfect time for a selfie.

41832DBD-0FDF-4B49-8903-FEF0476B8369By the time we almost made it to the top, the sun was beginning to turn westward. The colors were so amazing!


1A48C08B-D907-490D-8B7B-3D9FD0B3DA85As you can see, there was still little remnants of snow higher to the top.

On Saturday, we had to move from Camper Village RV Park to Mather Campground, the only other campground in the Grand Canyon. 

135D5E2A-9C8B-4223-A5EC-ECD12791447CMather is a dry campground, but there are restrooms on the grounds, and there is also a laundromat with coin operated showers as well.  I don’t know the exact number of campsites in either campground, but there seems to be quite a few.  We did, however, have to move from the above site #207 to site #205 the following day.

FDDDE848-9A04-449B-9E7F-E093FC04376ENotice any differences?  This site was twice as big as 207.  Same price.  Whatever.

Saturday was an exciting day as we met up with our dear friends, Brendan and Denise, as they were passing through The Grand Canyon.  We took a walk along the South Rim taking in the sites and catching up on life.

1534E7D6-A7AA-4A15-BFCA-9C299B5532FALater, we enjoyed dinner with the group they were traveling with.  Great time, many laughs, fun people!  It was nice to socialize again.  

On Sunday, I left Scott reading in his hammock at our campsite while I headed over to Yavapai Tavern to watch the JETS game.  Unfortunately, they didn’t carry the game.  I was forced to watch the Pats and get my team’s highlights/updates from the bottom of the tv screen.  Argghhhh  Tomorrow morning, we leave for an overnight hike down into the canyon to the Colorado River.  More to come in my next post.

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