Page, Arizona: 10/16 – 10/18/18

Hello, Arizona!

7465EA09-D754-4A1C-975F-6525F2594D6F.jpegAs we entered Arizona from the north, we had to cross over the bridge by Lake Powell Dam at Glen Canyon National Recreation Land.

9646D30A-A39D-416F-9E66-CD85466E8E01Lake Powell is 186 miles long and ends at Glen Canyon Dam.  It is a popular summer vacation spot and many travelers stop to visit the Visitor’s Center, where you can pay to take a walking tour over the bridge.  The canyon to the south is breathtaking, but I was not able to get a decent picture of it. Just north  of the bridge, we found a wide open spot (BLM) with six free campsites and a play area.


99CD2B60-EA63-45AF-8339-76C97BC10148We set up camp, and then went to play in our backyard.  There was a trail about 100 feet from our campsite.



BDBA5368-7203-4AD6-97FF-20DEF26AE935That evening, Scott was really feeling discomfort with a back molar.   (Memories of my abscess tooth nightmare from our honeymoon four years ago!)  He had been dealing with the pain for several weeks now.  It made sense to have it checked out while we were in a somewhat developed area as they are few and far between in these parts.  He called a dental office in Page, Arizona, first thing in the morning.  They told him to come in, but he would have to wait as they were completely booked for the day.   (It was also the one AND ONLY day of the month that their oral surgeon was in😃.). It was mostly cloudy and rainy in the mid-50’s during the day and the low 40’s at night. Our plan was to rent kayaks and go out on Lake Powell, but the wet, cooler weather quickly changed our minds.  Thus, all the more reason to go to the dentist.  Sometimes, you make plans and then life happens, so you have to go with it. We were out of there before 11 a.m. and less one tooth.  I drove back to camp so that my honey could get in bed to rest. Later, he would be treated to my soft food specialties…Mac and cheese/mashed potatoes and carrots.

One day in the future we hope to go back to Lake Powell with our trailer and do some kayaking.  If you zoom in on the picture below, you can spot various RV’s parked along the shoreline. It looks like a great place to enjoy summer water sports.


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  • Hope the toothache is gone or the tooth!
    We had always dreamed of a houseboat vacation on Lake Powell, rather than Lake Mead. We just back after two weeks in Florida, family one week, second week house hunting!! Would use in winter and maybe rentals for some off prime season. Getting close to finals decisions. Little scared, but one day at a time. LU both

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