Zion National Park, AZ: 10/14 – 10/15/18

The following day we left Escalante and made it as far as Carmel Junction, Utah. We found a place to boondock for two nights which was just off Highway 89 and approximately a 20-minute drive to Zion National Park.

It was still early afternoon after we got settled, so we took a drive to Zion to see it for the first time and figure out what we wanted to do there tomorrow.

67E9CE6D-9FD2-4301-84D4-6E792BB2C719The drive was so peaceful and beautiful. See for yourself.

We parked the truck and walked to the Visitors Center.  We checked out our options and chose the most popular hike in Zion for tomorrow.

07F56E55-CA3C-44D6-9335-777E0FBED671Then, we followed a short path to the Virgin River.

8D97B587-D427-41D6-9AFF-25AFF221489AWe got up somewhat early the next day so that we can get into the park and begin the hike earlier versus later. Most of the park can only be accessed by the free shuttle bus service provided. We didn’t have to wait long for our ride.

31B21136-71F7-4E15-BD7E-D89587F2B64FThere was a chill in the morning air, and we were prepared for changing temperatures.   The start of the trail runs alongs the Virgin River.

E7606B17-C6EF-4534-A6C3-075059D695A2We were not the only ones on the trail, but it wasn’t super crowded in the beginning.  You can see the winding switchbacks if you look closely.  The length of this hike is five miles round-trip.  After the first two miles up, you see this sign which means that there is only .5 miles to go…up, up, up!

952DD6AA-DEDC-44AE-B5A3-432746B52EDASo, the good news is that the weather was perfect and had been for a few days.   I have to say that after four months of reading warning signs, I’m not sure that they are 100% accurate. However, anybody afraid of heights should not go past this point.  A lot of hikers congregate at this point and don’t attempt to go on.    Would you?


E473FDD0-EECF-45BC-8584-828C9B6EEB16The trail was quite narrow in some parts, yet it was a two-way traffic trail.   Sometimes, we had to back up to allow another group to proceed.


0111B6E6-8861-4F11-BF4D-AE841F3B5F1CThe view at the top was magnificent.   The photos just don’t do it justice.

AA75E44E-05F4-4196-BC9B-67BD6F316F3EWe sat and enjoyed our lunch and the view.


30F9BE67-39C8-4C94-91D5-CA05E8DFDDC8Time to go back down and take a few more photos of my honey.



9C334F36-180A-48D3-A07E-ADB84ABC2121This hike was well worth it,and Zion National Park is a beauty!






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