New Hance Trail – Grand Canyon: 10/24/18

Our last full day at the Grand Canyon had arrived. Since we knew we would be traveling a distance when we hit the road in the morning, we decided to take one more hike today.  This trail is not regularly maintained and we found ourselves alone.

3B676010-BE80-4F2A-A849-5B31DB436CB7We hiked down about two miles with roughly a 2,000’ drop.

DAE27CE8-61E7-46DE-9CA1-0CE2065D75EBScott led the way as it was quite steep, and I felt more comfortable behind him.  We came to an alcove and noticed some unidentifiable prints in the dirt.

75DC52B6-C14D-452A-90E5-837459ABACF6Any ideas?  We also saw some unusual wildflowers that caught my eye.

DB5E5E65-C747-4125-A490-A3DE638D82C0At this point I chose to head back up, knowing it would be two more miles straight uphill.

Tomorrow morning we are off to New Mexico!

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