Whidbey Island, WA: 12/11/18 – 1/11/19 and 1/18 – 1/30/19

It was wonderful to be reunited with my husband after almost six weeks apart.  We have decided that it is just too long to be traveling alone.  Scott left Estes Park, Colorado, with trailer in tow on December 3, giving himself seven days to get to Washington.  The first two days were slow moving on Route 80 due to high winds, snowy weather, and the road being shut down due to a 17-vehicle pile up.


Then, he decided to make it a marathon and drove more hours than I would have allowed in any one day.  He made it to Whidbey Island in Washington in four days…three days before I arrived in Seattle.




Scott’s mom, Sue, and her husband, Larry, have lived in Langley, Washington, for 15 years.  They have a beautiful home in a quiet area on the southern end of Whidbey Island.  There is a one bedroom, one bath apartment above the two-car garage that we stayed in during our visit.  As you turn off Doc Savage Road onto their driveway, you immediately feel welcome.

The Welcome Lady
Beyond the Welcome Lady

Next, you take a sharp right to reveal the hidden, front property.  To the far left behind our parked RV is Larry’s “Man Cave”, where he has built many beautiful pieces of furniture (among other things) over the years.


Front Driveway


Backyard view
View from our back deck

There is a family of alpacas in the neighbor’s yard, and on clear days you can see the Olympic Pensiula and Useless Bay.


It rarely snows on the island, and the temperature almost never gets below freezing during the winter months.  Daily temperatures range from low 40’s to mid 50’s.  It does, however, rain a lot.  This would explain the richness of the color green that is found in trees and on many structures.



It can rain for days on end, and there aren’t many sunny days.  Yet when the sun does come out, it bestows the most beautiful sunrise and sunset.  I am told that Washington has the most spectacular summers, and we are looking forward to that experience later this year.

Just up the road from Sue and Larry’s home is a private trail through the woods that leads to a back road.  It has some short, steep inclines, and it is a great place to get your heart rate up while enjoying the green scenery.  I remember spotting an owl here several years ago.


During our first week here, we decided to start an exercise program to prepare our bodies for a winter of skiing.  Scott used his army training background and incorporated calisthenics (jumping jacks, burpees, lunges, squats, etc.) with quick sprints up and down the steep hill.  I did my best to keep up with him, but he is totally crazy.  Unfortunately, this regime lasted for just one day.  The following morning, Scott woke up with sore wrists and hamstrings.  It took him a week for his hams to feel better, and we both decided against that plan of attack.

The Christmas holiday was spent with Scott’s extended family.  A holiday reunion was in the making since early summer.  It was nice for me to meet the rest of his family and to spend four fun days together.  They rented a beautiful, spacious home about 20 minutes away from where we were staying.  Everyone would meet at the “big” house for daily activities and dinner.  Here are a few photos of the spacious property.

Front View of House


Rear View of House
Side View of House
Closer Side View from Gazebo
Green House
Groundskeeper’s Home

It was fun to pose for the “group photo”, and I decided to post all three takes.  Why not?




Here are a few more candid shots from our Christmas celebration.




On Christmas Day, most of the family members had to be on their way.  Larry’s son, Mitch, lives on Whidbey Island with his wife, Ani, and daughter, Mila.  Larry’s other son, Russ, lives in Idaho with his wife, Liz, and their son, Jake.  They stayed a few days longer and we all enjoyed a fun day taking the ferry off the island to Port Townsend for lunch and shopping.

We dined at least once a week at the Gun Club where Larry is a member, and I enjoyed some target practice with the gang.



We took a number of hikes in the state and local parks.  They were mostly mellow trails with limited elevation gain, but the views were stunning none-the-less.


Bridal Veil Falls, Index, WA
Fort Ebey State Park
View of Mount Rainier from Bluff Trail


Beginning of Mount Si Hike
Mount Si’s Changing Terrain


Mount Si Closer to the Summit





We skied three times at Steven’s Pass (a Washington Ski Resort on our Epic Pass), each visit encountering different conditions.



Finally, we got to spend time with Molly.  She lives in Bellingham, WA, now and it was about a two-hour drive each way from Whidbey Island.


Rock Climbing at Molly’s Gym


Preferred Mode of Transportation


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