Whidbey Island, WA: 1/20 – 1/31/19

We returned from our Whistler ski vacation to spend our last two weeks on Whidbey Island.  It’s been nice being able to enjoy dinner and sometimes breakfast with Scott’s mom, Sue, and Larry.  Pepper, the cat, never got this close to me.


From our apartment upstairs, we could see into their dining room if the shades were not drawn.  Scott took this picture using a telephoto lens on his camera.  That is Larry’s seat and no one else’s.


There is a two car garage attached to the main house.  Above the garage is the apartment where we stayed during our visit.

Entering the Apartment
View to the Left
Doorway to Bedroom/Bathroom
View to the Left
View Sharp Right
View Far Right

On Tuesday, January 22, Scott and I took a drive to Everett, WA, to look at some diesel trucks that he had seen on the internet.  Neither one of us thought that we would leave our Toyota Tacoma behind that day, and drive away with a different vehicle.  It wasn’t long before we said hello to our new truck, a 2018 Chevy Silverado.  Look out mountain passes…here we come!  This truck can pull a much larger RV in the event that we choose to upgrade in the future.  Dream on, Sue.



On Thursday, Larry and Sue took us on a road trip to Skagit Valley to see the winter snow geese.


Unfortunately, not many snow geese were around.  It could be due to the very wet and muddy conditions.  I didn’t take a picture, and Mom was very disappointed that we missed a truly spectacular site.  Below is a picture of “Snow Geese Landing in Foggy Weather”, taken by photographer, Duke Coonrad.


Mom was right.  It is a truly spectacular sight!  We drove to the town of  La Conner and went window shopping.  We spotted an egret, and I caught Scott in action.  This channel of water is a part of the Pacific Ocean that separates Fidalgo Island from the mainland.


Later, we had lunch at Seabolts, and I ate the most delicious mussels.  They farm them not far from the restaurant.



On Saturday, January 26, we returned to Bellingham to celebrate Molly’s upcoming birthday.  First we took a six-mile hike at Chuckanut Mountain.


Halfway into the hike, we spotted Mount Baker in the distance.  Mt Baker is an extinct volcano located in the North Cascades.


Towards the end of the hike, we came to Cyrus’s Gates Overlook.  On a clear day, you can see Orcas Island in the distance.


After the hike, we headed to Brunch in Fairhaven, followed by some chocolate cake and the Happy Birthday song.



On the way home from visiting with Molly, we learned that Scott’s dad has passed away that late afternoon.  Even though it was a blessing that he would no longer have to suffer,  we were not expecting that phone call.  Needless to say, it was a bittersweet day.

Our last evening in Whidbey came much too quickly.  Larry and Sue took us out for dinner at Charmers Bistro.



We enjoyed a great meal and talked about how quickly time had passed.  It was hard to believe that we would be taking off in the morning to continue our life on the road after an almost three-month hiatus.  The time came to say goodbye for now.  We are so happy to have spent this time together.



Mother and Son


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