Park City, Utah: 2/3 – 2/12/19

We arrived at Mountain Valley RV Resort in Heber City a day earlier than planned, and we eagerly set up for our first winter RVing experience.  This resort is located just off Highway 40, about a 20-minute drive without traffic from the ski resorts.



Scott had worked diligently back in Whidbey to prepare the hoses for cold, outside temperatures.

He also put together the skirt for the trailer.  Bad Larry offered his insight, I mean his help.  The skirt around the perimeter of the trailer helps to keep the cold air out.


It was about 1:30 in the afternoon when we arrived at the resort.  There was snow on the ground, but we were able to pull right into our spot.  There aren’t many empty spots, but I think that a lot of the RV’s parked here are vacant.  I haven’t seen many people, however, we have only been here for two days.  And, it is cold outside.


It took Scott less than an hour to get the trailer all hooked up outside  – complete with skirting – while I got busy inside.  We wanted to watch the Super Bowl Game, so we did a quick food shopping in town.  Then we took our salad, frozen pizza, and beverages to the Club House.  The font desk manager left at 5:00 p.m., and then we had the entire facility to ourselves.  Great place to throw a party…but it was just the two of us.

View from kitchen
Preparing Dinner
View from TV Wall


Half Time Super Bowl Show

This is the first year in a long time that I didn’t have football pool numbers to check each quarter. I’m not sure if that is why the game seemed boring to me, yet Scott felt the same way.   As soon as the game ended, we turned the TV off, not wanting to watch Brady accept his prize…again.  Sorry any Pats fans reading this blog, but I am a frustrated JETS fan.  We walked the 200 steps to our trailer and found it quite warm inside.  Scott had purchased multiple thermometers so that we could track the temperature inside, outside, and under the trailer.  He also bought an electric blanket, and it works like a charm.   Additionally, we have three small space heaters.  Two are 200 watt heaters, one is under the trailer and the other one is in the bathroom.  A slightly larger heater is in the kitchen/living area.  Unfortunately, we did have one problem this evening.  As soon as Scott turned on the water outside, the pressure caused the toilet flushing mechanism to snap, and water began pouring out until I screamed for him to turn it off.  There must have been leftover water in the tank that froze and the sudden pressure caused the break.  The next morning, Scott was able to buy the parts and easily make the repairs.  We are back in the game again…running water and flushing toilet.  Woo-hoo!

On Monday evening, Feb. 4, it was snowing/sleeting all night here in Heber City, which meant it would be all snow on the mountain.  On Sunday they reported 12” of fresh snow, and Monday another 12”.  Unfortunately, on Tuesday morning we got a late start, and by 10 o’clock most of the lots were full.  Not only were they hosting the 2019 FIS World Champtionships from Feb. 1-10, but we were told that the local “powderheads” come out in large numbers with the onset of fresh snow.  In the picture below taken from the parking lot in Park City Mountain,  you can see the colored flags in the distance that are set up for a race.


We were rerouted to Canyons Village Resort at Park City which was about another 15 minute drive away from the base at Park City.  I didn’t know that Canyons was owned by Park City, and therefore, part of Vail Resorts on our Epic Pass.  Actually, I had never heard of Canyons Resort until today.  We parked and waited for a shuttle bus, but by the time I got on, there was only one seat left.  So, I got off the bus and we walked.  Our first run wasn’t until 11:00 a.m.

The conditions were spectacular!  Lots of fresh, soft, fluffy snow to romp in.  Scott took this less-than-impressive video of me.  I need to work on my form.  I believe that I have the laugh down pat.

It snowed all day and everybody on the mountain was smiling and laughing.  Best ski day ever!

Our second day skiing in Utah was just as amazing as the first, if not better!  Since the morning traffic was as congested as yesterday, we nixed Park City and instead drove straight to Canyons Village again.  It snowed on and off throughout the day, and the trails were still soft and fluffy!  I am so proud of Scott and his progress with skiing.

On Thursday, we got up very early and was able to park in the Park City Base Lodge lot.  We were on the slopes at 9:00 sharp!!  It was five degrees and mostly cloudy at the start of our day, but the sun eventually came out and it warmed up to low twenties.  Here I am  coming down a steep, powdery black diamond trail…still working on my technique…still having fun.

On Friday, February 7, we met up with my buddy, Nils.  He works for Deer Valley Resort and was able to get us two passes to ski there with him.  (Deer Valley is NOT on our Epic Pass and the cost of a single day lift ticket is ridiculously expensive).  We drove to his condo, and then we took a free shuttle together to the mountain.  Look at the amount of snow that they got just in the last few days!

F16A7714-1C11-4D8A-A11C-FE0BA0D8E7A0It was a mostly sunny, windy day with great conditions!  We were halfway up the mountain on Northside Express chairlift when it stopped.  Nils starting sharing broken lift stories which led to a conversation about the movie, “Frozen.”  Just as I took out my camera to record this event, the lift, thankfully, began to move again.  I would say we were idle for about five minutes.  Long enough if you ask me.

Below is a selfie taken on the top of Flagstaff Mountain.


The next shot is is a view of Bald Mountain from the top of Flagstaff.


Here we are at the base of Deer Valley Apres ski.  Thanks for a great day, Nils!


That night, the sky was so pretty with a Waxing Crescent Moon shining brightly in the sky.



After taking a day off on Saturday to rest my aching knee, we took to the slopes again on Sunday.  When we arrived at Canyons Village, it was extremely crowded.  The Red Pine Gondola had at least 300 people on a very slow moving line.  The only other option to get up the mountain from the base was the Orange Bubble Express, which wasn’t running yet.  We were told by a mountain host that most lifts on the mountain were not running yet due to high winds, and that there was a heavy storm coming in by 11:00 a.m. that would limit visibility to 8”.  He suggested that we just come back tomorrow.  Was he practicing crowd control?  By 11:00 the sun was shining.  It was after 1:00 that the clouds began to move in, yet still no snow.  One of our favorite runs, Eclipse, was off the Orange Bubble and under Sun Peak Express Lift.  It was a blue trail with tons of fun moguls to ski in and out of.  Here we are waiting to get on the chairlift again.


Another favorite run of ours was Double Nickel, another blue mogul run off Iron Mountain Express Lift.


We quickly discovered that some black diamond trails were more like a hard blue (Sidewinder), while others were more like a double black diamond.  Sidewinder, with lots of fresh powder last week, was a hoot, but today it was skied off with icy patches.  Scott has become a lover of powder skiing, and we just may become known as “powderheads” before this ski season is over!  By the way, they got about 5-6” overnight…so much for a embellished forecast of 20”.

We were very lucky to have had some great ski conditions during our stay here in Utah. Another favorite activity apres ski was relaxing in the party-sized hot tub outside of the Adults Only Clubhouse.


It was time to say goodbye to Utah and get our rig on the road again.  Even though Scott had placed a heater under the trailer, everything that we put underneath it had frozen. He had to use my hairdryer and an ax to unfreeze some items.  All in all, our first winter RVing experience was a good one.  We are quite comfortable with the temperature inside the trailer – roughly mid to high sixties, and our bed is very cozy with the addition of an electric blanket.  Our next stop is Breckenridge, Colorado.  Here are two of Scott’s photos of the sun rising on our last morning.



The weather was calm for our two-day travel to Colorado.  The view is quite spectacular, and Scott will often pull over to snap a photo.  He likes to capture the beauty that surrounds us.







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