Breckenridge, CO: 2/12 – 2/28/19

It was hard to believe that our month in Breck finally arrived.  We had talked about being ski bums, but we didn’t book a month at Tiger Run until last July.  At the time, we thought that Breckenridge would be our first winter RVing experience, not knowing that we would sneak in nine days at Mountain Valley Resort in Utah first.

We were fortunate that the weather was quiet during our two-day drive from Heber City, Utah, to Tiger Run Resort, which is located just outside of the town of Breckenridge.


When we arrived there was snow on the ground, but it wasn’t a fresh snowfall.  Scott had to do a little shoveling and ice-chopping before we backed the trailer into our site and unhooked the truck.



While Tiger Run is a year-round RV park, there seeems to be more cabins here than RV’s.  All of the cabins/sites are privately owned and managed by Tiger Run Resort.  The first site that we booked was located directly across front the Club House where there are mostly RV’s.  About a month ago, we learned that the site was sold and the new owner wasn’t going to rent it.  We were relocated to Site 211, which is about a five-minute walk to the Club House.  The Club House has a pool, hot tub, showers, game room, tv room and a party room where they have various events.  Every Wednesday evening is a Wine/Cheese gathering, and every Saturday is Grill Night.

The Swan River is just behind us, and most of our neighbors live in cabins.



Directly next to us is another RV site that is occupied by a man named Steve and his black lab, Amy.


We met them on our first day here.  Steve is a nice, friendly guy who lives here eight months out of the year and then leaves for the summer months as the property owner stays then.  He’s been doing this for years.

While our plan was to ski as much as possible with a choice of five different ski resorts on our Epic Pass (Breckenridge, Beaver Creek, Vail, Keystone, and A-Basin), I couldn’t spend a month in Breck without going to the Rec Center.  I enjoy swimming laps and attending yoga classes, so I purchased a monthly pass.

About 200 yards from our site is the entrance to a part of the Colorado Trail.



A few hundred feet up the trail to the right will lead you to the Colorado Trail.  Today we stayed straight on the path which led us deep into the woods behind the resort.  At one point this man-made path ended, and we needed our snowshoes, which we didn’t bring, to continue on.


Behind Scott in the background above is a glimpse of Breckenridge Ski area.  Below is an overhead view of Tiger Run RV Park.  Our trailer is hidden behind the large tree on the far right.


On Friday, February 15, we decided to ski at Arapaho Basin since they reported the most overnight snow of seven inches.  A-Basin is located about a 30-minute drive from Tiger Run up over Loveland Pass.  I had skied there back in 1987, however, my memory of it was not a good one.  All I remember was a cold, windy day with icy conditions.  I recall sliding over an icy ridge and wanted to get off the mountain immediately.  I don’t believe that we stayed very long as most of us were not prepared for the horrible conditions.  Today, 31 years later, it is covered in snow with fresh powder conditions.



The sun was shining on and off today, and they had about seven inches of fresh powder last night.  Scott is skiing really well in the powder, and I somehow lost my powder rhythm.  As a result, I tweaked my left knee due to poor form.  Instead of just the outside of that knee being stiff and swollen since I slipped out of the new truck two weeks ago, now the inside of the same knee is not talking nice to me.  Time to rest it again.

Over the President’s Day Weekend, we drove up to Estes Park to spread Scott’s dad’s ashes in Rocky Mountain National Park with family and friends.  This was the first time that I have ever experienced spreading someone’s ashes.  It was actually a beautiful way of remembering a life and sending them back to the earth.  It makes me wonder if that could be what I want.

On Tuesday, February 19, we skied for the first time this trip at Breck.  It was a cold day with temps in the low teens.  We took the Gondola to Peak 7 and skied Peak 7 and 6 for a few hours.


The snow began to intensify and visibility became sketchy so I chose to take a break.  Scott was determined to continue skiing, so off he went on a few more runs alone, while I chatted with three young Brazilian men in the lodge.  Below is a view from the inside window of the weather outside.  Can you blame me???


On Wednesday, we headed out to Breck again.  Today was even colder than yesterday, and the wind was howling.  We stayed on Peak 7 until our faces got so cold from the howling wind that we quit for the day.  The nice thing about having an Epic Pass, along with being retired, is that you have the flexibility to ski or not without feeling like you are throwing your money away.  Tomorrow is just a day away!

That evening we met up with some old Oradell friends at the Breckenridge Brewery.  They are here for a long ski weekend and we hope to see them on the mountain, too, before their mini-vacation is over.


We got a very late start Thursday morning.  It started out as a bright, sunny day with temps in the 20’s.  It felt so much warmer than the day before!  Today we took the Gondola to Peak 8 and made our way to the summit via the Imperial Chair.  The snowfall had been minimal even though the snow on Tuesday felt like a blizzard at times.  I think the storm only dropped about three inches that afternoon.  On Wednesday, maybe another one to two inches fell in the afternoon, but there has been no decent overnight snowfall since we arrived.  The conditions today were packed powder and primarily wind-blown/skied off terrain.  We did two runs in the bowls and then headed over to Peak 9 for a little while.  It began to lightly snow, and we soon decided that we no longer were enjoying the conditions.  Ever since we experienced fluffy, soft powder conditions in Utah, that is all we want.  We are spoiled but we don’t care.  It is what it is.  That night, we enjoyed our first ever game of Scrabble together.  I won!  This game is for retired people, right?

TGIF.  Today I took Scott over to Peak 10, which has all black and double black diamond trails. It began to snow on and off but with little accumulation, and the conditions were primarily packed powder.  We stayed on the single blacks.  We attempted Corsair, a black mogul run, but the moguls were big and hard.  My knee was not responding well to the pounding on hard surfaces.  So, we decided to call it a day as we headed over to the SuperConnect 8 chair in order to catch the gondola on Peak 8.  Somehow, Scott ended up on the chair ahead of me.  I took the opportunity to take a photo of him.  In the picture below, you can see to the left an upside down V.  We believe that is Tiger, a double black trail that I want to ski.  We are waiting, however, for some more powder.


Afterward, we headed to 9600 Kitchen, a bar/restaurant in the Doubletree Hilton Hotel near Peak 9.  They offer half-priced drinks and appetizers from 3-5 p.m.  Delicious!!  Even though we didn’t get to ski with our Oradell friends, they joined us for Happy Hour!


We had made the decision not to ski on the weekends due to the crowds, unless they got a lot of snow.  We spent Saturday in Boulder running errands.  On Sunday, we went snowshoeing on the Colorado/Continental Divide Trail.  It was a beautiful, blue-sky sunny day.


Part of the hike is in the wide open, and sometimes we are under cover by the beautiful evergreen trees.


There was a trail that we could easily follow for the first mile into the hike.  Then it began to become narrower and eventually disappear.  That didn’t stop my guy.  He led the way through varying depths of two to four feet of snow.


At about the two-mile mark, the view of Breckenridge Ski Resort was quite vivid.  You can see all five peaks, although there seems to be more than five mountain tops.  If you zoom in on the picture below, all the way to the top right you can see a hut and T-Bar near Peak 6.


We stopped to eat and enjoy the view.



We turned around since my knee was beginning to hurt from getting stuck in the deep snow.  I know that Scott would have liked to continue up to the ridge, but my knee was not up for much more.  We headed back enjoying the tranquil silence of the day.  We didn’t see any wildlife, but we did encounter a number of dogs with their owners as we got closer to the beginning of the trail.  Below is one more picture with Breckenridge in the distance.


After having dinner and showering, I wanted to watch the Oscars.  Scott was not too keen  on my idea, but he came along with his kindle.  It wasn’t long before he left the TV/game room to find a quieter spot to read.  About an hour into the show, a family of four arrived to play Monopoly on the floor.  Then, a game of hide-and-seek ensued with about ten kids  (without adult supervision) running in and out of the TV room, hiding in corners next to furniture and behind the couch I was resting on.  I just turned the volume up and everybody was happy.  As soon as Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper sang the Oscar winning song, Shallow, we left the boisterous club house.

On Monday, I decided to rest my knee and take it easy.  Scott took off with his camera and went on a solo snow shoeing adventure along the Colorado Trail in the opposite direction from yesterday.  You will see in the photos below another look at Breckinridge Ski Mountain, and Scott climbed high enough to get a shot of our parked trailer.


Our home on wheels
Panning to the left
Closer view of Breckenridge Ski Mountain
Capturing the beauty of the clouds

On Tuesday, Scott took off on a solo ski adventure.  He was proud to report to me that he had skied at least one run on all FIVE peaks!  And, he took the T-Bar on Peak 8 not one, not two, but THREE times!  My man is skiing double black diamonds!!  In the picture below, he had just gotten off the Imperial Chair which takes you to the highest point on the mountain via a lift.  You can climb higher if you so dare.


While Scott burned off calories, I took a stroll through the town.  It is not so bad hanging out with yourself, as long as you do things that bring you pleasure.

On the last day in February, Scott took off for a challenging solo hike to Quandry Summit at 14,265’.  A few days earlier, I had taken a picture of him near the entrance to the trail.  I knew that he would forget to take a picture of the trail map as I always do.


This arduous hike was seven-miles roundtrip with approximately 4,000’ elevation gain.  Now you know why I didn’t join him.  It was a partly cloudy, very windy day, and he took off around 7:00 a.m.  Below is a picture of the Summit Ridge.


Here are three pictures from Scott’s viewpoint on the Summit, including a selfie.




On the way down, the weather began to change.  You can see the clouds forming around the surrounding peaks.



When he arrived home a little before 4:00 p.m., he was one tired puppy.  He hydrated, showered and took me out to dinner.  What a guy!  It is hard to believe that we are halfway through our stay in Breckenridge and that tomorrow is March 1st.

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