Breckenridge, CO: 3/1 – 3/16/19

The first of March began with a winter storm.  There had been only a few inches/dusting during our first two weeks here in Breckenridge.  We were very excited as skiing in powder has become our favorite skiing condition!  Here we are in the truck on our way to the gondola for a day of powder skiing.


We got to the parking lot and Scott realized that he had forgotten his goggles.  We are now one for one on forgetting essential ski equipment.  The snow fell at a constant rate, which quickly changed the surface conditions from hard, packed powder to soft, deep mounds of white snow.  At the summit, visibility was minimal, and it was difficult to get your bearings with everything being so white.  So, we chose to ski lower down so that we could better navigate the varying terrain.  On our last run, I tweaked my left knee (AGAIN).  Is there such a thing as too much powder???  I do not really know how I fell, but there I was covered in snow.  Neither one of us took out our phone today to take pictures.  There was just too much snow.

The snow forecasts are varying and not always accurate.  It was predicted to snow all day Saturday, March 2, but there were breaks during the day when the snow stopped and the sun tried to peak out.  We decided to not ski with the crowds today, and Scott took this opportunity to clean off the top of the trailer.




This view quickly changed by the next morning.  It snowed heavily all night long, and Breck recorded the overnight total to be 13”, but I think it was more.  Now look at our driveway.


We were so excited about skiing in powder again, that we made record time getting on the road to the mountain.


The snow was still falling steadily as we drove up Highway 9 towards Beaver Run parking lot.  Our goal today was to be one of the first riders on the chairlift.


We were actually one of the last vehicles to get into Beaver Run Parking lot.  It was jammed packed.  Unfortunately, it was slow going at first.  We took the Quicksilver Chair to the Falcon Chair to ski Peak 10.  The lift had stopped running, leaving hundreds of skiers on a non-moving line.  We decided not to wait it out, and made our way to the Peak 8 SuperConnect.  We started on Callies Alley and Scott wanted to video me skiing.  So impressive!  Make sure you watch it until the end.



Scott and I did our best to find lifts with short lines that were running.  I had been wanting to ski Tiger, a double black run on Peak 8, but was waiting for powder conditions.  Today was the day!  Scott did not like it as much as I did.  He lost one ski close to the top and had to walk uphill, which was not an easy task.  We will wait until tomorrow to try this run again.  Time to head back to Peak 9.

The C Lift (a double chair on Peak 9) doesn’t operate during the week, so we spent some time there today enjoying trails that we couldn’t get to without a working chairlift during the weekdays.


I took the opporutnity to video Scott coming down Peerless, a black diamond run.


This was the BEST ski day yet!  There was little wind today and we never got cold (until I filmed this video).  And, it never stopped snowing!  On our last run, Scott wanted to try following me with his camera rolling.  I didn’t follow directions very well.


Time to call it a day.  It was still snowing at the base of the mountain.


It snowed all night but the sun came out Monday morning.  We lasted about two hours until I realized that the deep powder and my sore knee were not a good match.  If I don’t rest it, I may not be able to enjoy skiing with our friends that arrive this weekend.

We drove to Estes Park on March 5 to visit with Mama and to help her with a few projects around the house.  They have also had quite a bit of snow in the past few weeks.  There was a lot of snow to be shoveled around the property as well as on the top deck.   Mama was happy to have the company and we were glad to be able to help out.  Mama was sharing old photos with us, and I just had to post this one.  Papa was a very handsome man in his day, and there is something special about the old black and white photos that were slightly color enhanced.


The following day was Papa’s birthday.  We went out to lunch in his honor, and we even shared a piece of his favorite cake, chocolate-chocolate.  Ok, so I ate most of it only because Scott and Mama didn’t want much.  On our way out, we drove to the trailhead for Long’s Peak, where we got married back on 7/7/14.  Maybe we will hike it again on our 10th anniversary.


The snow has not let up much.  On Thursday, March 7, we awoke to yet more snow.  This is a peek from our RV door.   You can see the height of the snow on the roof of our shed, and the pile up of shoveled snow separating us from our neighbor, Steve.


I took the following video Thursday morning as the snow started to fall again.


Breckenridge Ski Resort reported a total of 30” over the last two days.  There were several avalanches on I-70 and Hwy 91.  Fortunately, no one has been injured but the avalanche warning is at High/Extreme.  Parts of I-70 were closed until they cleaned up the mess.  Loveland Pass as well as Hoosier Pass were both closed for safety reasons.  A-Basin Ski Mountain was closed for two days due to “too much snow” coupled with the danger of avalanches.  I can’t believe that we are NOT skiing!  I have to rest my knee if I want to ski with our friends next week, our last week in Breck.  It snowed all day Thursday, and we woke up Friday morning to another 13”.

Friday morning, the sun decided to come out and melt some of the snow away (ha-ha, not very much).  Scott finally had the chance to work on the truck.  He wanted to make a sliding storage drawer in the bed just like he had made in the Tacoma.  Here he is at the beginning of his project.


About an hour later, it looked like this.


Then, you will never guess what happened.  It started to snow.  The forecast was for rain to begin around 1:00 p.m. and change over to snow by 4:00 p.m.  We never did get any rain.  It started as a wet snow.  This project was put on hold until warmer, dryer weather returns. The snow bank in our driveway is now taller than 5’4” me.


That evening we headed over to The Brown and Fox’s Den to see Terry and Art’s son, Matt, play the bass with his band, Tula.  I can’t remember when I went out at 9:30 p.m. to see a band start playing at 10:15 p.m.  We didn’t leave until after midnight, well past our bedtime.


In the video below, Matt is in the center with the white guitar.  Check out the guy dancing in front of my camera at the end of the video.  LOL


On Saturday, the sun came out again and Scott was able to just about finish his project on the truck.  When we get to a warmer climate, he will add dividers to the drawer to tidy up the storage area.  For now, he will just load our supplies in as neatly as he can.


We were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our friends, Brendan and Denise, for a week of skiing.  It is hard to believe that today is the start of our last week here in Breck.  They got in late afternoon, and we joined them at Terry and Art’s condo for dinner.  After Scott shoveled out the back deck, Brendan took his post at the grill.


It wasn’t long before another friend came along to entertain us.


Art and Terry were not skiing this trip so the next few days it was just Brendan, Denise, Scott and I out on the slopes.  We had a mixture of weather conditions this week, including a “bomb cyclone” that hit the Denver area midweek.  Here are Denise and I just before we took the Imperial Chair up to the summit.  As you can see, it was snowing!


Later that afternoon, we took the only group selfie.  It as pretty cold all day, and nobody really wanted to stop to take their camera out.  At this point, the sun had come out again but it was still pretty chilly.


Overnight, another winter storm warning went into effect.  On our way to the mountain Wednesday morning, I snapped a picture of Hwy 9, which was snow covered.


It snowed all day and all night.   Route 70 was closed at various locations due to avalanches.  Parts of Colorado experienced a bomb cyclone, a powerful late winter storm picking hurricane-force winds and blizzards.  We were very lucky to be near the Ski Resort and not have to worry about getting anywhere.  Friends and family members reached out to us to make sure that we were okay.  We really had no idea how serious the storm actually was.  We were just psyched to be getting some more powder!  The snow did come to an end after dumping another 14” on the mountain.  Apparently, Summit County got over six feet of snow since March began, and it is not over yet.

On Thursday, Scott decided to get some things done on the truck/trailer for our departure Friday morning.  So, it was just Brendan, Denise and I out on the slopes again.  After we finished skiing, Art and Terry picked the three of us up and we drove to Tiger Run so that they could see our home on wheels.   Scott had a busy day shoveling more snow off the top of the trailer.  Here is a view from that standpoint.


Here are the girls trying to hide behind the unending snow piled up behind the trailer.


Scott welcomed us all in for a little hot buttered rum and hot apple cider, which is incredibly warming  after a cold day on the slopes.



Fortunately, Scott found six cups to share our hot beverage treat.  We were all able to fit inside and enjoy some hot toddies.


Afterwards, we went back to Art and Terry’s condo for some hot tub relaxation and another delicious dinner.  It was too difficult to get everyone in a group shot, so we split up the boys and the girls.




Given the cold weather and large amount of snow, Scott decided to extend our stay in Tiger Run one more day.  The forecast called for the sun to finally come out for a few days which would help melt some snow on the roads for our exit.

On Friday, March 15, Terry and Art had a flight out of Denver, and Brendan, Denise and I went for one last day of skiing in Breckenridge.  This was a bonus for me since we were supposed to be leaving this morning.  We had hoped to ski at some of the other Epic Pass resorts, but the weather this past week made it difficult given the crazy, snowy weather.  It didn’t matter because we LOVE Breckenridge!  We started on the Colorado Chair on Peak 8 and made our way to a spot where Scott and I had gone mountain biking last summer.  Here is a look at the two very different seasons.


Today we spent some time skiing on Peak 6.  It’s summit offers a different view of the majestic mountainside.  And, just look at that bluebird sky!  Most of this peak is exposed which makes it susceptible to high winds, and it is often closed.  We had one of the best runs of the entire week, but the freezing cold winds made us savor that one run and make our way onto another peak.


Finally, the day had come for us to pack up and leave.  Although the sun was shining brightly this morning, we awoke to a temperature of zero degrees at 7:00 a.m.  It was two degrees by 8:30.  Time to break out the hairdryer to warm things up under the trailer.  All went well until we went to put the slide in.  I heard a terrible scraping noise, and Scott quickly told me to STOP!  This is what the top left of the slide looked like outside.  That baby was NOT sliding in.


Of course, I started thinking that we would be stuck here in Breck since you cannot legally drive on the road with the slide sticking out.  Since we first got the trailer, Scott noticed a small crack beginning to form just underneath the lower right side of the slide.  He said that the crack has gradually been expanding.


Scott was able to get the slide in and a maintenance check is in our future.  I must say that we did pretty good having spent 30 days and nights in below freezing, single digit temperatures most evenings.  Take the very cold weather, coupled with over six feet of snow in 2 weeks, I’d say that our winter ski bum excursion was a success!  The pictures below show our site on the day we arrived on February 13th compared to our last day on March 16th.  When we arrived, there was a few feet of snow and even more by the time we left.




Now we are heading south to warmer climate.  Goodbye, Tiger Run.  It’s been a great ride.


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