Fort Worth, Texas: 3/19 – 3/25/19


Nice sign!  We traveled north on 25 to 285S to 40E to 287S into Childress, Texas.  We had been in the car long enough and knew we wouldn’t make it all the way to Fort Worth today.  We found a free spot for the night at Childress Fairgrounds in Texas.

37A6510A-B41B-4831-9ADC-D92E2BF78807There was a ball field close by where a girls softball team was going on.  We actually watched it for a little bit.  Behind us in the background was a man made lake.

BCCB0DF2-9908-4CE2-8666-9211F48B2F3CI wanted to take a walk around the lake after we got settled, but it was way too buggy by the water for me!  Instead we walked three blocks to the main road and had dinner at a Texas BBQ joint.   The next morning the bugs were not around, so we took a walk around the lake before leaving.  It was very peaceful.

6DF4A8D7-0955-4D11-88A8-41D3B2AA7691The next morning, we were back on 287S heading to Fort Worth.  We had to postpone our November trip to Texas to visit with my best friend’s family since that is when Scott went to stay with his dad and I went home to Jersey to stay with my mom for six weeks.  Now, we were finally able to spend some time with some of my favorite peeps.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Sharon’s second grandson, Elijah.  The last time I had seen him was shortly after his birth.  He will be two on Cinco de Mayo!

We previously booked a full hook up site at Eagle RV Resort in Fort Worth about 30 minutes from our friends in Keller, Texas.

99702B54-5A64-4519-9BA9-5C8F0005B702The RV Park had a lot of people who lived there year round rather than just short term renters passing through like us.  The restroom was a bit run down, but the owners were very friendly and hospitable.

486B8D05-F5A6-488B-895C-BACC2FFE9CFBLook at the pretty road leading up to this park.

3b1d3c62-7630-4b95-a520-5c4353a8555a.jpegThe next morning the temperature was in the low 70’s.  It was great to finally put on a pair of shorts!!  We decided to take the truck and find a place to go for a hike.  We drove a short distance to Marion Sansom Park, and walked to a dam at the edge of the park.  We even saw signs of spring!

Later that day, we met Jake and Priscilla, her dad, and Daniel at The Eagle’s Nest for dinner.  It is a huge sports bar with tons of televisions.  We caught the First Round of March Madness.  My team, Villanova, won!!  The next day, Kate had us all over for dinner.  The entire gang stopped by.  It was so good to see everyone again!  Elijah was not too sure what to make of me, but there is still time to become besties!

The next morning we got together with Sharon’s dear friends, Debi and Susan, at Debi’s beautiful home.  Debi insisted on having breakfast for us.  It was like going to brunch!

B4E7A90F-E2FA-4F68-A099-84A3E0CDD180 I got to meet her daughter, Melissa, and her precious little boy, Wilson.  I tried to get them to all look at me at the same time and say cheese.  I tried.

6357CDEC-9220-46F9-AE77-2DAC8E1E6815Seconds later they were off and running.   Below is a typical look that Elijah gives me when I try to pick him up.  I think he is telling me that he will stick with mom for now.

02CDC92A-7191-4848-BC82-965B9B426A7BAfter breakfast, I went back to Kate’s house and Elijah was beginning to accept the fact that I was going to be hanging around for awhile.  He is so stinkin’ cute!!


340E14DF-93B3-4B07-A739-11FCCC1B98F7On Saturday afternoon, Michael had his first flag football game.  We were able to get a quick photo together.  He is very fast and easily grabs the opponent’s flags.

258CFF4F-7746-4708-855E-FCD03226748DThat evening, Scott and I went to Jack’s gig at the Pour Shack.  This was the place that they had a Memorial Jam in Sharon’s honor last year.  It’s an outdoor/indoor venue and this stage is located outside.  I took this video and when Jack saw it, he said he couldn’t hear the harmonica that he was playing.  I could.  You decide.  He is on the far right.

On Sunday, Vicky and Michael drove out to Fort Worth to see our home on wheels.  Then, we went to the Fort Worth Nature Refuge and took a short hike.





33854B4B-7B3D-43CC-BA65-7A37678759B1That evening, we all met up for one last dinner together.

DA382692-93EC-47A5-8FDD-D7FE9E355DEBIt was wonderful to see y’all.  Till next time.






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