Mesa, Arizona: 4/23 – 4/27/19

Since I was under the weather when I returned from New Jersey, Scott reserved our site back at Towerpoint RV Resort for another few nights so that I could recuperate.  They gave us the same site that we had two weeks ago.


BEE0AE3F-4007-4535-8C1B-02FE403E4F77He knew that I really enjoyed this RV Resort.  It was unlike any that we had previously stayed at.  I wasn’t able to swim laps, but I would take a quick dip and then get back under the umbrella.  The temperature was reaching 100 degrees, but without any humidity.  Rest is what I needed as I was still coughing up a lung.  Sitting under an umbrella took away the heat of the day.  It was very relaxing.

A2E76028-5F20-4739-ABA3-F05984F8E287You can see behind me that the outside bar and grill was taped off and closed for the summer season.  At least 50% of the home owners spend six months from December-April here for the warmer climate and then head back to Canada.  In the front of the facility there was not only an Arizona State flag and a USA flag flying proudly, but also a Canadian flag, which is representative of how many Canadians own property here.

0F32E5AE-4A79-4D18-BFDC-9E1D3B3BB912By Thursday, I was beginning to feel somewhat better, and I wanted to do something more than just sit poolside.  While I was away, Scott was busy finding new toys for us to play with.

7AC6B38E-002A-41DB-80A6-FA414D339653We were proud owners of his and her kayaks, plus a stand-up paddle board.  We took a drive to Saguaro Lake which was a short drive from our campsite.  Scott took the paddle board and I tried out my red kayak.  The weather was picture perfect…blue sky…low 70’s.  We played around for about 3 hours and then headed back to our resort.  I needed a nap after all that paddling.

The next morning, we packed up and headed west to California.  Crossing over the Colorado River, we entered The Golden State.


6D6CC672-6366-4102-B831-A90C167155DDThe welcome sign tells you that you are “Entering Pacific Time”, but we were already in Pacific Time in Arizona as they do not partake in Daylight Savings Time.  Whatever.  It won’t be long until we get to our next destination, Joshua Tree National Park.

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