Sequoia National Park: 5/30 – 6/3/19

Scott returned to San Diego and spent part of May 30th at SunLand RV Resort catching on up his sleep, as he had been up for 27 hours since leaving NJ.  He had roughly four days alone until he had to return to San Diego to pick me up.  He drove straight to Sequoia National Forest and boon docked just outside of Sequoia National Park.

C7BFEBB1-5DC6-4C17-85FB-2AC37CEBD19EThe weather was chilly, with daytime temps in the 60’s and low 40’s at night. On his first night there, he watched the sun set over the horizon.

57120EF9-E933-45A3-A60E-116023162031The following morning, he hiked up to Tokopah Falls on the Kaweah River.  He wanted to check it out before taking me there.  Here is a glimpse of his hike that day.

44735E86-3FDE-4BA9-AA0F-D1BADEB29790E0DF1A5B-5375-4E8C-ACBF-32903EB9F01DOn Saturday, he began a ten-mile round trip hike towards Heather Lake, but turned back less than two miles in due to snow.  See for yourself.


358AC13F-50E3-4F48-B20A-AA5130D077E9Look closely at the picture below.  Zoom in for a chilling experience.  It looks like a fresh print.


In one more day, our adventure together would start up again.

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