Redwood National Park – Part 1: 6/26 – 6/28/19

The Redwood Coast consists of many State Parks that work cooperatively with the National Park Service.  Usually, the National and State Parks operate separately but that is not the case for the Redwoods.  It has to do with how the land was purchased.  Most State and National Parks charge an entrance fee.  You can purchase an annual National Park Pass for $80 and then entrance to any National Park is free.  For entrance into State Parks, you can purchase a daily, weekly and even monthly pass in each state.  For some reason, we NEVER had to pay or show our pass in the Redwood National and State Parks.  Go figure.

“The Redwood Tree is the world’s tallest living tree – monarch of the North Coast -living link to the Age of Dinosaurs.  Redwoods grow from seeds the size of a tomato seed yet can weigh 500 tons and stand taller than the Statue of Liberty.  It’s foot-thick bark makes the tree all but impervious to fire and insects.”



We would spend the next three nights at Klamath River RV Park.


Our peaceful, tranquil site was located directly on the river.

9F1F6F33-36A6-4007-8A97-8C1352BC7508.jpegCan you spot our RV across the river?

C4077B45-D04B-437E-8E06-AAF2254E75BCOur first hike was to The Tall Trees Grove.  You have to get a special permit and a combination code at the Visitor’s Center in order to enter the gated access road.

6463A86A-ABB9-43D7-B546-0354B51266BFWe travelled down a wooded, winding road until we got to the trailhead.  As we hiked, there were fallen Redwoods that hovered over the trail.  Scott had to duck every now and then.


E4EE39A4-C061-4ADD-B328-456418EA832ASome trees were even cut into to allow access down the path.

D1C88B72-7764-4D8A-BCB5-5822C8AD6BD4Each tree had its own beauty.  Some barks were very bumpy near the ground.

CE592BE5-2895-4376-9BC5-264BC0DDA3D4Yet, when looking up, they were all towering towards the sky.

AC4FB76E-1BD5-4330-A21C-07084000FBDEAnd, if you are lucky, you may see a burl (a dome-shaped growth on the trunk of a tree) that looks like a deer.

CF5501F1-F281-44BB-906B-EF55C8CE0369Then, there are the Redwoods that have “hollowed out” at the bottom.  You can walk under them as well as through them.

85A1D5B2-B26D-4B58-8ED2-84C02B51B836While the grove consisted of mostly redwood trees, there was another odd looking tree with arms that extended from just above the ground to the height of the tree.  The moss seemed to attached itself to every branch.

61A7A50D-3A8B-41B6-B964-0F07BBBBD2FE.jpegAnd, of course, there were beautiful wildflowers scattered here and there.

Our next stop was at Lady Bird Johnson Grove.  This trail is handicap accessible and one of the more popular tourist spots.

A1D5CB94-CC09-400F-8817-81EFDF469CDD.jpegAfter you park your car, you take a short walk on a bridge over the road below.  (The picture below was taken on our way back out.)

48A7CE99-C302-41C0-82BA-7B68601D0914.jpegThere is a numbered trail map that is available for a $1.00 donation, or you can just borrow the map and return it at the end of your tour.  The actual dedication took place about half-way into the short loop trail.


D76E5097-CC52-43A1-884D-587E36BC0658.jpegThe trails were wide with hundreds of Rhododendron bushes, and there were still a few “rhodies” blooming.  This place must be magical in the springtime.

0AE9C465-DE04-4526-9BD1-952440D1A037It was fun catching Scott capturing the beauty surrounding us.

Before heading back to the trailer, we drove to High Bluff Overlook.

A530C41C-44CC-4F79-B05B-2D3A6FC56B46What a magnificent view! The sound of the ocean water crashing against the large boulders below was breathtaking.  The drop is straight down and there are no barriers to stop you from falling over if you get too close to the edge.  So, we looked very gingerly even though we wanted to get closer.  It was pretty foggy out, but I took a few pictures anyway.

18CFB9F8-16F4-4C25-B367-98DA885A2EFDC8A982C7-ACB0-4D24-BED5-8F8A8ED64038Scott returned later for sunset pictures.  Be sure to check out his gallery.


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