Redwood National Park – Part 2: 6/28 – 6/30/19

The next morning we headed north up the coast to Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.   Our campground neighbors said that we had to see Fern Canyon, a short 0.6 mile walk filled with jaw-dropping greenery.  This is a popular spot for tourists.

32A6B138-57F3-46AD-9443-2D632FE87AF4The mostly level switch-back trail had several narrow, wooden planks to walk on to keep your feet dry.


1C09BB37-2B78-4322-A35E-B15B1AA3AE11The cascading fern growing out of the canyon walls were stunning.

A29CFA62-5177-447E-B436-6600D4F59413There are longer trails that branch off from Fern Canyon Trail, but we decided to head back up to the beach instead.  It seemed like forever to reach the ocean, especially when carrying two chairs!


F9F9C362-2372-48C2-B76B-FF28BD66BDC3The water was much too cold for swimming or even wading, but we made sure that we got a selfie.

5E632A5D-1F1A-42FB-B947-20FC28165A4DI don’t recall seeing flowers growing in the sand at the beaches in New Jersey.

4A0B5CE4-4D13-4FED-80C7-31C07EAA60D7The next morning we found ourselves back on the road again heading north along the coast.  It wasn’t long until we reached our next state.

28008849-D3D3-4DF1-8779-BAE6F44CBEA7After a few hours on Hwy 1, we stopped to take a break at Pistol River Viewpoint, and took a short walk on the beach.  I wanted to see the Oregon Coast firsthand.

F6F95812-67E7-410F-840B-38D66C4357CBIt was a shorter walk to the water this time.  There was a grassy, sandy trail leading first to a sandbar and then to the ocean.

A2F58FEF-60D5-4B2D-B807-07863677C6E1We took a short walk to stretch our legs and then got back into the truck.  After another five hours on the road, we finally found Perkins Point Rest Area just off Tiller Trail Highway, also known as Douglas County Hwy 1.

91416418-A740-4F69-B8E1-7AB344F187D2You are allowed to spend no more than 12 hours at these stops.  It was almost 8:00 p.m at night, and we just wanted a place to sleep for the night.  We parked in the corner of the empty lot and realized that there was a beautiful stream just below us.  Scott took off down the hill to investigate.

90EF1AA3-11BF-4EC1-963F-B11D97F490B8“Our trailer is right up there,” he said.

A4D55DD6-DEDF-47DC-855A-1D777ACFC246It was almost 7:00 p.m. but it was still fairly light out.  We stood by the waterside watching salamanders and crawdads (crayfish) enjoying their habitat.


80A566BC-AC50-4F42-B948-212FDB9AA098 It was getting dark, and I was feeling the chill in the air.  Scott stayed by the water, and I walked back up to sit in the trailer.  There I was, minding my own business in the trailer, playing solitaire.  A truck with five young guys pulled into the lot and parked adjacent to our trailer.  The trailer window was open, and I felt funny shutting it while they were standing right outside of it.  They were pretty loud, and it was obvious that they had been drinking.  Scott came back up when he heard loud voices.  They said hello to him and he came into the trailer to join me.  He figured that this rest area/parking lot may have been a hang out for the young locals.  They only stayed about 20 minutes.  As they pulled away they shouted, “Find another place to camp!”  Ouch.  We weren’t “camping.”  We were simply resting overnight at a REST AREA.

We are off to Crater Lake in the morning.

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