Back to New Jersey: 9/4 – 9/10/19

It was time to head back to New Jersey. Part of our trip east would mirror our initial trip west back in June of 2018. We made an overnight stop in Rapid City, SD, so that we could change our address. It is common for full-timers who live on the road to pick up residency in South Dakota. Why pay state taxes when you are not living in the state and reaping the benefits?

It is a thriving business that was begun by full-timers, and it is an economical way to have a mailing address. America’s Mailbox offer various types of plans to suit your individual needs. While Scott handled the paperwork, I went in to town to be a tourist. Historic Downtown in Rapid City features a series of life-size bronze statues of our nation’s past presidents. Can you guess who this old fellow is?

I would have enjoyed seeing all of the statues, but I ran out of time.

Our next overnight stop was in Minnesota at the Rochester/Marion KOA. It was the Ladies US Open Final, so we found Wildwood Sports Bar & Grill to watch the match. I cannot believe that the 19-year old Canadian girl beat Serena. it was a great match.

The next day we continued east on 90 and then on 90/84 as it dipped southeast. At 12 noon, we stopped at Monk’s Bar & Grill in Wisconsin Dells to watch the JETS home-opener again Buffalo. The JETS were winning for the first three quarters with the score 16-3 most of the game. In the fourth quarter, Buffalo woke up and we fell asleep. Final score 16-17. After three ours of sitting in the bar, there was no way we could hang out another three to five hours for a tennis match. It was hard to choose between the football game or Nadal in the men’s US Open Final. Boy, did I make the wrong choice. They did, however, serve yummy food.

We left the bar and drove to Starved Rock State Park near Marseilles, IL, for the night. In the morning, we got as far as Genoa, Ohio, and spent the night in the Service Plaza. One more state to go before we are back in New Jersey again.

Our last stop was at Bald Eagle State Park, PA, which was coincidentally our first stop back on May 31, 2018. We will be in New Jersey soon.

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