Big Horn Mountains, WY – 9/1 – 9/4/19

We left the Grand Tetons and headed east towards Bighorn National Forest. We stopped in Shell Falls Interpretive Site and learned a little bit about how waterfalls form.

We experienced Shells Falls, a steep ledge that form falls when a river flows over it.

That evening, we stopped at Shell Creek Campground for the night.

The creek was about 50 feet from our trailer. The water was cold but crystal clear.

We hung out on our hammocks enjoying the sounds of nature.

The next morning, we packed up and headed towards Devil’s Tower National Monument, an astounding geologic feature that protrudes out of the prairie surrounding the Black Hills. Our plan was to go to this National Monument for a few hours and then continue on to South Dakota. Sometimes the best laid plans need to be reworked.

We stopped here to fuel up, and this was where our plans went awry.

Service Station in Moorcroft, WY

Scott started to put “fuel” in our Diesel truck, and then went to clean the windshield. It wasn’t long before he realized that it was NOT a green pump going into the gas tank. It was black and full of gasoline. The car was still running with the A/C on as it was in the mid-90’s. With it still running, he was able to back the trailer off to the side of the large parking lot and then turn it off. Then, we called AAA.

We weren’t the only ones leaving a vehicle behind.

The parking lot for our trailer for the next two nights.

It was Labor Day, and we were lucky to be able to get a tow from AAA. The truck was towed from Moorcroft to Gillette, about a 30 minute drive away. Scott went with the Tow Company and I found myself in a small motel a few blocks away, enjoying the a/c and TV. We were told that the truck my not be serviced on Tuesday, but perhaps on Wednesday. So, instead of going to Devil’s Tower, we spent the next two days hanging out in Moorcroft, WY enjoying inexpensive local food and ridiculous desserts.

Local’s hangout with good food but too smoky.
Local resident left free vegetables on the bench for the taking.
This is the “small” ice-cream for $1.99.

If we didn’t experience this mishap, we would never have seen the cute little town. Devil’s Tower will have to wait.

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