New Jersey Visit: 11/4 – 12/2/19

It is always bittersweet for me to be back in New Jersey to spend time with my family and friends. It’s feels like a tug of war in my brain, however, as I embrace the old and attempt to find its’ place in the new. I don’t live in New Jersey anymore. I live on the road with my husband. We get to travel to new places (some repeaters), and we are getting a glimpse into the diversity of our beautiful country as we wonder about where we will live when we grow up and settle down. What we don’t get is the regularity of spending time with the people we love. And, we don’t have a home base. Although, I do consider my mom’s home my home base. While it is not a complaint, this is the reality of my current life on the road, of being a full timer. All I can do is accept that which is and “to bloom where I am planted”, one of my mom’s favorite words of wisdom.

During our time back in New Jersey, Scott and I went hiking a few times in good-ole-Harriman State Park. Harriman is located in New York, just outside of the town of Tuxedo. It is the second largest state park in New York. Located in Rockland and Orange counties 30 miles north of New York City, it is a haven for hikers with over 200 miles of hiking trails. The park is also known for its 31 lakes, multiple streams, public camping area, and great vistas. The park’s hiking trails are currently maintained by volunteers from the New York – New Jersey Trail Conference. Although, the elevation gain is minimal, there are lots of great trails to get your heart rate up. We have a favorite that we call “Our Loop”, which is about 4.5 miles in length. Here we are with our friend, Karen. It was perfect weather for an east coast hike.

Below are some highlights from this trip back home.

Finnegan’s for Lunch with Mom
Celebrating Grandma Moo’s 90th Birthday!
Sixty and Sensational
Visiting Baby Luke
Taking the Ferry to the Big Apple
Holiday Dinner at Carmines with “The Gang”
Celebrating Danielle’s 28th Birthday!
Getting a Tree in NYC
Helped with the Lights
Celebrating Lizzie’s Birthday!

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