Hilton Head, SC: 12/8 – 12/10/19

We traveled on 321N out of Tennessee to 40E into North Carolina.

We continued on via 26E to 95S to 462E to Hilton Head Island, 170W to 278E. We arrived in the dark which is never a good thing. It’s not worth getting into how I got lost walking from our parked trailer to the showers/pool area. If that wasn’t bad enough, I got lost AGAIN after my shower trying to get back to the trailer. It was a maze of circles amidst pitch blackness. There were no street lights. I was a tad angry at someone who I won’t mention. He could have waited for me.

My friends, Mary and George, retired this year and moved from New Jersey down to Hilton Head. We were excited to be able to spend some time with them. We got a site at Hilton Head Harbor RV Resort & Marina for two nights. Once I was able to see the place in the daylight, it was easy enough to maneuver about.

That evening, we dined at Hudson’s, where we enjoyed excellent seafood. The next day we played tourists as George drove us around the island. We stopped at Harbour Town, picked up a sandwich and walked the pier.

Later, we stopped at the Tiki Hut for drinks and a little karaoke.

Just a short walk from the bar was the beautiful Atlantic Ocean complete with colorful turtle statues.

Hilton Head Island is one of the SC beaches where the Loggerhead Sea Turtles lay their eggs. They are listed as a threatened species by both the federal government and the state of South Carolina. Sea Turtle Season begins in early May and runs through October. This was the only turtle that we saw. It is December after all.

We finished up the evening enjoying more delicious seafood at Jane’s Bistro, a fun, eclectic American restaurant on the island. I highly recommend it.

Next stop is Florida, The Sunshine State.

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  • Such wonderful photos of the two of you and your friends…beautiful people. If you ever go back there I want you to send me one of those marvelous turtle people (statues)…just kidding. I love turtles. Safe travels.

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