Jackson Hole, WY: 2/29 – 3/8/20

We arrived at the Fireside Resort in Jackson, WY, by late afternoon. It is the only “year-round” RV resort in Jackson, however they only provide electric (no water or dump stations). There are clean restrooms with showers and a laundry facility on site. There is also a hot tub area, however, it is only for use by the “Luxury Cabin” renters.

Shortly after we arrived, our neighbors (Peter and Jane from the UK) came over to see if we had come from Mountain Valley RV Resort in Heber City, Utah. They recognized our truck/trailer from that resort where they had also been staying. We became fast friends. At Jackson Hole Ski Mountain, they encourage carpooling and provide free daily parking with 3+ persons in a vehicle. So, we traveled the 5.4 mile, 10-minute ride together daily to the mountain.

On Day One, we had to stand on a long line to take the tram to the summit. Each car holds 100 people and runs about every ten minutes. We were on line for over an hour before we got on the tram. At the summit, the conditions were great with a few inches of fresh powder, but there was little to no visibility. As you skied down the mountain, the terrain was very icy and slick. I was experiencing a bit of mountain sickness, which made it difficult to enjoy the moment. We didn’t last very long.

Day Two was much better. We stopped a moment for a group photo mid-mountain. Who knows when we would get back up to the summit. Although the sun was shining, the summit was engulfed in clouds. Visibility would be compromised so we stayed down lower.

By Day Three, the weather was sunny and warm. The conditions were variable. There were sections of crust and then slush. Zoom in and see for yourself.

Some runs were great and others were quite challenging. I wasn’t having much fun. It required too much effort and my legs were tired. It was Jane and Peter’s last day to ski, but Scott and I had two more days. They weren’t enjoying the conditions either, so we all left together. Later that evening, Jane prepared a lasagna to share at our place. We ate and learned to play new card games that neither Scott nor I had ever heard of before.

The next day, I got caught up on laundry while Scott performed trailer maintenance. On Friday, I was able to get an appointment at a salon in Jackson. Afterwards, I took a walk around and was able to get a couple to take my picture at Jackson Town Square. This is a big tourist spot.

Directly across the street a famous pub, Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, where the bar seats are real horse saddles. Been there, done that. It is worth checking out, however, if you come into the town of Jackson.

The hairdresser had suggested that a good place to get seafood was a place called Local. It is a steakhouse, but one of the few eateries in the area where the seafood is good. Not to mention their bourbon! It was conveniently located right next to the Cowboy Bar!

I wanted a glass of wine, and Scott got one of their special drinks. It was YUMMY!!! They ferment it on the premises. Below is a picture of the ingredients.

Scott tried hard to recreate the drink that he was served at Local, but it just didn’t make the cut. I highly recommend that you check it out while in Jackson.

The area had not received any new snowfall since we arrived and the temperatures kept rising. We decided to not ski and rather took a hike to Taggert Lake, the only option available in Grand Teton National Park during with winter season.

We were told that the trail was snow packed and that we probably didn’t need our snowshoes. So, we set off with our micro-spikes just in case.

Taggert Lake with a view of the Grand Tetons

Whoever said we didn’t need snowshoes obviously didn’t take the same trail that we did.

Bradley Lake
Adding eyes and a nose to a faceless snowman we passed along the trail.

Tomorrow, we will leave Wyoming in route to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Scott and I look forward to another time when we can return to Jackson Hole to ski with better conditions. It is one heck of a mountain!

2 thoughts on “Jackson Hole, WY: 2/29 – 3/8/20

  • This seems a world away now, but what fun we had! Can’t wait to meet up again. Fingers crossed for next year.

  • Wow memories – I remember the Cowboy Bar! We were there about 4 or 5 summers ago … on Saturday night the locals came to dance – amazing —- a country version of ‘Dirty Dancing’ … it was like a floor show!!! Thanks for sharing. XXMarie

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